August 19, 1985 12:00 PM

Meanwhile, back in Copenhagen…

Talk about jilted husbands. While Sly Stallone, 39, and his Danish housemate, Brigitte Nielsen, 22, were celebrating his Rambo triumph and her film debut in Red Sonja, a Copenhagen musician named Kasper Winding discovered his wife, “Gitte,” wasn’t returning home to him and their 16-month-old son, Julian (above, with a nanny). “It came as a total surprise,” says Kasper, 29, who married Nielsen about 18 months ago, not long before she left Denmark to begin filming Red Sonja. “I have spoken to her only 10 times in the last year, but she never mentioned a thing. I reckon she wanted to be a star too much. She doesn’t realize that the Hollywood dream is a dream that eats you up with money as God.” Winding’s brother Nicholas says Kasper is shocked but not angry. A New York spokesman for Brigitte says that she has filed for divorce and will seek custody of Julian.

Amy in the pits

Amy Carter is used to being surrounded by men—Secret Service men. So the crush in the pit at the Chicago Board of Trade, where Amy, 17, is working for the summer, doesn’t bother the former President’s daughter. Amy says she likes dashing about with orders for the screaming, gesticulating traders, noting, “It’s not bad when you know you’re not going to be here for the rest of your life.”

Nerd rock

Like politics, film premieres make strange bedfellows. At the Hollywood debut of his first movie, Pee-Wee Herman (comedian Paul Reubens) met up with rocker David Lee Roth, L.A.’s leading exponent of creative decadence. Perhaps the pair will meet again. “I’m gonna be doing a record album as my next project,” says the ebullient Pee-Wee. “That’s gonna be really cool ’cause all my musical friends want to play on it and sing duets with me and all that stuff.”

A couple of cans of ice-cold Bear

No, they’re not looking for a close-out sale on trousers. Chicago Bears wide receiver Brent DuHon (left) and guard Rob Fada are just cooling their heels, and more, after football practice at the Bears’ Platteville, Wis. training camp. “It’s common for some of our players to stand up to their waists in these plastic trash barrels full of ice cubes and water,” explains a team spokesman. “It helps them relieve soreness. They stay in for 10 or 15 minutes, but you almost never see them come back for more.”

Stand-up comedy

“I went wacko with the hair,” said Guiding Light soap queen Kim Zimmer at the New York Waldorf-Astoria ceremony where she won this year’s Daytime Emmy for Best Actress. Supervillainess Susan (All My Children) Lucci, who has been nominated for the award seven times but has never won, reacted to defeat—and Zimmer’s hairdo—gracefully. For the record, Zimmer confessed that the spikes were actually 19 artificial add-ons, “like porcupine quills, but not as deadly.”

Let’s make a deal

Although Bette Midler’s husband, commodities trader Martin von Haselberg, seemed distracted, the Divine One and Carrie Fisher fell into intense negotiations when they ran into each other at a Pointer Sisters concert in L.A. What was so intriguing? “Bette and I have been approached to play the Pointer Sisters in a TV docudrama about their lives,” Fisher deadpanned. “It’s a stretch, but we think we can handle it.”

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