By People Staff
February 11, 1985 12:00 PM

Ballad of Chuck and Di

Chuck and Di went up the hill

To do a spot of skiing,

But paparazzi plagued the pair;

Diana wound up fleeing.

Now, somewhere sweethearts schuss à deux,

While plaintive alpenhorns moan;

But not in sober Liechtenstein,

Where Chuck skied on, alone.

Jeepers creepers

At an L.A. party for Olivia Newton-John, pop singer Tina Turner showed up bearing gifts with a cowboy-hatted friend, Ian Meldrum, an Australian TV personality. Anything but camera-shy, Tina mugged for photographers—who didn’t fire until they saw the whites of her eyes.

Critical victor, Victoria

When the New York Film Critics Circle named Steve Martin the year’s best actor, the comedian and his All of Me co-star, Victoria Tennant—who is also his offscreen interest—were thrilled. But the night’s best line belonged to Carl Reiner, who directed Martin in The Jerk and Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. “I would like to say that I’m responsible for all of the brilliant comedic touches that Steve produces on the screen,” said Reiner. “So I will say that.”

Ziggy Snowflake

Prince Charles and Princess Diana weren’t the only Brits hitting the continental slopes. David Bowie slipped in a quick trip to Schönried, Switzerland, where, clad head-to-toe in insulated skiwear, he did a credible impersonation of the Michelin tire man.

Scout’s honor

Diahann Caroll, Linda Evans and Gary Collins were among the celebs who trooped into a Beverly Hills salute to John Forsythe, which raised $65,000 for handicapped Boy Scouts. A quintet of eagle-eyed lads surrounded Charo, who returned their admiration. “I always liked men who were Boy Scouts,” she says, “because their motto is ‘Be Prepared.’ ”