By People Staff
January 14, 1985 12:00 PM

Cast irony

Professionally, Steven Spielberg (Jaws, E.T.) rarely missteps. But at a dinner honoring MCA President Sidney Sheinberg, who gave him his first job, Steven seemed less surefooted. “He broke it falling up or down the stairs, I’m not really sure,” reports his exasperated mom, Leah Adler. Big deal. His movies, as they say, have legs.

Hamill’n Hart

Mark Hamill, who may never again get to rescue Princess Leia (the next Star Wars picture reportedly takes place before the characters were born), will instead descend on Broadway as Hart in Harrigan’n Hart, a musical about the late 19th-century song-and-dance men. Hamill, rehearsing, admits musical comedy is “an alien language,” but alien languages have never stopped Luke Skywalker before.

Flight of fancy

Flying home from the U.S., Margaret Thatcher partied—funny hat and all—with the press. While she showed off a present from President Reagan, a gold basket filled with enamel strawberries, the reporters handed her a card that read, “To someone who’s not just a pretty face…but a pretty good bod, too.” Hear! Hear!

Mac nets Tatum

Twice upset in last month’s Davis Cup, John McEnroe’s faring better at another kind of courtship. At least that’s the word from Park Avenue, where McEnroe, 25, and Tatum O’Neal, 21, are at match point. Tatum’s dad, Ryan, who reportedly doesn’t like the equally high-strung Johnny, is said to be a possible tiebreaker.

It’s Arnold, by George!

Deep Purple served up a surprise guest at a concert in Sydney, Australia. “Meet Arnold from Liverpool,” dead-panned lead singer Ian Gillan. “Arnold” whipped the crowd to a frenzy with the Little Richard classic, Lucille. When the lad from Liverpool walked off, Gillan thanked George Harrison for stopping by. Just think—the Beatles could have been known as the Drab Four: John, Paul, Arnold and Ringo.