April 15, 1985 12:00 PM

Head turner

What’s David got to do with it? After all, this was supposed to be a solo concert. But Bowie was so taken with Tina’s performance (in Birmingham, England last month) that he bounded onstage and joined her in impromptu renditions of Tonight and Let’s Dance. Bowie’s reaction to Turner sounded like a weather report from The Man Who Fell to Earth. “Standing next to her,” he sighed, “is the hottest place in the universe.”


In The Big Chill, it took a funeral to bring the old friends together. In L.A. last week, a phone call was enough to do the trick. Jeff Goldblum, Bill Hurt, Glenn Close, JoBeth Williams and Kevin Kline—five of the stars of Chill—turned out for a bash organized by that film’s producer, Michael Shamberg. Shamberg, whose son Jacob is deaf, threw the party to benefit TRIPOD, a support group for hearing-impaired children and their families, and arranged for Jimmy Cliff to entertain. Cliff will appear in Shamberg’s next film, Club Paradise, with Twiggy and Robin Williams, who, not surprisingly, also appeared at the affair.

One sings…

Call them the Jackson Two. On the right: the electrifying Michael. On the left: the electrified Michael, now on display at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in London. Michael inspected his body double—which sports a strobe-lit glove—and pronounced the likeness “really good.” Then the reclusive star did what you might expect: Beat it.

High kicker

Tommy Tune, at 6’6″, may tower over most of the cast of his musical My One and Only, but in Washington the dancer proved he really measures up. After engagements in D.C., Atlanta and Miami, Tune and Only will spend five weeks in Japan. We can’t wait to see his postcard from Mount Fuji.

Lucky star

The lady in black—Chaka Khan—could have had a lot more to cry about. She was halfway through a Manhattan intersection when her Ford Bronco was rear-ended by a gas truck. Chaka’s car overturned, but she escaped with a cut lip. “It took six stitches to close,” says a spokesman. “But she’s fine now.”

Holding his own

Telly Savalas, 62, showed up at a Beverly Hills bash with a young date—wife Julie, 28—and an even younger chaperone: son Christopher, 4 months. The resemblance between father’s and son’s scalps is expected to fade as Chris gets older.

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