By People Staff
September 16, 1985 12:00 PM

Lounge lizard

Godzilla, the rowdy reptile, stopped in New York to exchange high-fours with gawkers and to promote his latest movie, Godzilla 1985. Tomoyuki Tanaka, the producer, says he hopes someday his star will munch the Apple, but Godzilla may have other ideas: Decked out in a gold chain and dark glasses, he seemed ready for the Coast.

  • Twisting Brooke
  • Finally, something came between Brooke Shields and her Calvins: her own line of clothing, which she is hawking around the country. While she was visiting a Chicago department store, a photographer asked the Princeton junior for just one more picture, “something different.” Brooke, ever accommodating, complied.

A girl and her crabs

Knots Landing’s Lisa Hartman, in Manhattan to promote her Oct. 5 CBS movie, Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues, went mano-a-claw with a huge plate of crustaceans. “Normally I eat real healthy,” says Hartman, 29. “But I was so good for a week, I just had to go on my ‘seafood’ diet. That is, I see it and I eat it.”