October 29, 1984 12:00 PM

Wolf pack

Question: Why are these men’s eyelids at half-mast? Answer: Either their optometrist just died, or they’re nearing the end of a long, and probably memorable, evening. Apparently, it was the latter: According to the British press, Christopher Walken, Gregory Hines, Robert De Niro and Mikhail Baryshnikov attended the premiere party for a British film, The Company of Wolves, then visited a nightclub in London’s West End. No word on how anyone felt in the morning.

Koo’s new ‘do

This past summer sometime actress Koo Stark, 28, rebounded royally from her busted romance with Prince Andrew by marrying millionaire trading stamp heir Timothy Jeffries, 22. It seems Koo’s transformation didn’t stop there: On her return from her Caribbean honeymoon with Jeffries, Stark flitted through London’s Heathrow Airport sporting a new coif: cornrows.

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