October 15, 1984 12:00 PM

Peter and pipers

He was just a showstruck Aussie kid when they serenaded radio listeners back in the late ’50s with Sugartime and other honeyed melodies. But now pop singer Peter Allen is way up from Down Under, and the McGuire Sisters (from left, Chris, 56, Dorothy, 54, and Phyllis, 51) were on hand to catch his act at Carnegie Hall. After 16 years the siblings are planning a comeback. The obviously still harmonious trio pronounced Allen’s show “fantastic.”

Dancing doll

Playing a sour 16-year-old—even if it is on one of the season’s hottest series—can get a girl down. So Paper Dolls’ Nicolette Sheridan, 20, welcomed the opportunity to cut up in her spare time. Dining out at a West Hollywood bistro with longtime beau Leif (The Outsiders) Garrett, Telly Savalas’ stepdaughter obviously got a kick out of being a Doll come to life.

Unruffled peacock

British actor John (Elephant Man) Hurt made his debut in a school production of Maeterlinck’s The Bluebird. Now he fancies a Peacock—Donna, that is, the American actress Hurt wed last month. The newlyweds are blissfully awaiting the bow of Hurt’s next film, 1984. For John, it was a good year.

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