People Staff
October 08, 1984 12:00 PM

Streep Show

It’s like this: The beautiful blond heroine had experiences during World War II that still haunt her years later…. No, Meryl Streep is not remaking Sophie’s Choice. But in the movie version of David Hare’s Broadway play, Plenty, her role is that of a member of the French Resistance who cannot settle down to bourgeois life after her wartime heroism. The movie, filming in London, Belgium, France and Jordan, gives Meryl the chance to act with an unlikely pair of co-stars: Sir John Gielgud and off-duty Policeman Sting.

Coiffure chameleon

It started in July when Boy George returned from Jamaica sporting long, bleached blond tresses and the beginnings of a beard. Recently he turned up at a BBC studio in London, clean shaven (not a trace of stubble showed through the makeup) and topped off with a dark, wild Tina Turner do. Boy insisted that it was only a wig, and in fact a few wisps of red hair peeked out from beneath the mane. What next? Colour by Numbers?

Fresh heiress

In the five years since Jimmy Carter commuted her sentence for bank robbery, Patty Hearst Shaw has proven a far more appealing homebody than she ever was a revolutionary. Now, in addition to the yard (in Westport, Conn.) and the car (she drives husband Bernard to the train each morning), she has come that much closer to the suburban ideal with the arrival of second daughter Lydia Marie. Lydia is a healthy 5 lbs., 6 oz. As for Mom, a hospital spokesman points out, “Anybody who gets pregnant tends to put on a lot of weight.”

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