Star Tracks

Do ya think I’m sexy?

Rod Stewart was on the road and couldn’t make the backstage party at L.A.’s Forum celebrating the start-up of old friend Elton John’s latest tour, for Breaking Hearts. But Rod’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Alana, was there and saw to it that their son, Sean, 4, was properly introduced to John’s wife of seven months, Renate. Captain Fantastic, told Sean he looked a lot like his dad, and Sean flashed that Stewart grin. Sean’s fancy may be baseball rather than soccer, but he’s obviously a chip off the old blond.

Melissa leaves her mudder

You’d think that after all those years on the prairie Melissa Gilbert would have learned how to ride. In fact, she has. It’s just that in her feature film debut, tentatively titled Sylvester and scheduled to be released next spring, Gilbert is cast as an equestrienne who takes on an ornery ex-rodeo horse. Along the way there are some ups and downs, but Gilbert, who learns her horse sense from crusty co-star Richard Farnsworth, finally reins victorious by riding not into the sunset but into the Olympic qualifying trials.

Debbie & Emmy

For a change, that’s not Michael Jackson holding onto Webster star Emmanuel Lewis: It’s Debbie Allen of Fame fame. Allen was giving a party at West Hollywood’s Le Dome restaurant to celebrate her wedding to San Diego Clipper Norm Nixon. The party was a little after the fact; the couple eloped and honeymooned last spring. But then, the marriage was late, too; it occurred shortly before the birth of the couple’s daughter, Vivian, who, at 21 inches, makes 42-inch-tall Emmanuel look like a basketball player.

First times for Mick and Bianca

Separate but sometimes equal, the jaded Mick and Bianca Jagger have both managed recently to be first-timers. For Bianca, the new experience was making her professional stage debut co-starring with John (Missing) Shea at the prestigious Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts. In the drama Daniela Frank by Peruvian playwright Alonso Alegria, Bianca was cast as a sultry South American journalist, a character loosely based on Janet Cooke, the Washington Post reporter who faked a story and won and then lost a Pulitzer Prize.

As for Bianca’s ex, he was in less bucolic surroundings at Manhattan’s cheeky chic Limelight club after a hard session recording his first solo album. Surveying the scene, the man ran into Duran Duran’s John Taylor, and the two discoursed on that perennial rock-star dilemma: How to Deal with Screaming Girls. Maybe Mick was talking about daughter Elizabeth Scarlett, 6 months.

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