May 28, 1984 12:00 PM

The Iceman poseth

When paparazzi closed in on a rambunctious Nick (Under Fire) Nolte and pal Timothy Hutton at New York’s Limelight disco, the camera-shy Iceman star started to lapse into his Garbo routine. Nothing doing, said Nick. Declaring that he would “teach him some manners,” the fatherly Nolte, 43, coralled Tim, 23, and raised a toast for the cameras. Thanks, guys. Now get thee to a barber.

All in the game

Robert Redford was nowhere in sight at the private Beverly Hills screening of The Natural, but the film’s other principals were joined by such heavy hitters as Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. That reclusive couple, playwright-actor Sam (The Right Stuff) Shepard and his Oscar-winning Tootsie, Jessica Lange, made a hit-and-run appearance: They skipped the reception and slid into a waiting limo. Nice play, but the cameras were faster.

Showing his metal

Playing a punk might seem a stretch for one of the titans of the English-speaking theater. But there was Sir John Gielgud, 80, in the aptly named Scandalous, a film in which he plays an upper-class con man who goes undercover as a shock rocker. Although the comedy has drawn critical epithets, Gielgud said he had his reasons for taking the role. “My house in the country,” he deadpanned, “is very expensive to maintain.”

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