April 09, 1984 12:00 PM

In high gear

After the usual wedding cake shenanigans, David Hasselhoff and his bride, actress Catherine Hickland, sped off into the sunset from their nuptials in Carmel, Calif. But not in KITT, the talking, computerized car that Hasselhoff drives in his NBC Knight Rider TV series. The marriage was the first for Hasselhoff, 30, and the second for Florida native Hickland, 27, who plays squeaky-clean Julie Clegg McCandless on the CBS daytime soap Capitol. No word if KITT was offended at not being invited along for the ride. He would have been a fifth wheel, anyway.

Savoring an Idol moment

When fans lined up at a Hollywood record store where punk rocker Billy Idol was autographing his latest album, Rebel Yell, one ardent admirer decided a more intimate—if less permanent—memento of the occasion would really be something to take home. Idol happily obliged (left), sealed it with a kiss and, after admiring his penmanship, sent his newest bosom buddy off to show her souvenir to the cheering crowd. Next…

Tall stories

The long and not-so-short of it was that 7’1″ basketball-great-turned-actor Wilt Chamberlain and 5’10½” Lon (Footloose) Singer met for the first time in a Mexico City studio where both are working on films. Singer is shooting the final scenes as Timothy Hutton’s love interest in The Falcon and the Snowman, a spy story directed by John Schlesinger. Meanwhile, Wilt the Stilt is pitting his length against the strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Conan the Barbarian sequel, Conan the Destroyer—hence the getup. At least for the few minutes that their paths crossed, it was an uplifting experience.

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