By People Staff
April 02, 1984 12:00 PM

Crosby crinkles

After pumping lead into J.R. on Dallas four years ago, Mary Crosby found herself typecast (when cast at all) as “a nasty lady.” But not in her new role as an 80-year-old woman in the space movie spoof The Ice Pirates. Actually, Crosby, 24, plays a young princess who is kidnapped by intergalactic buccaneers and passes through a time warp, which speeds up her aging process. Mary’s transformation required an elaborate four-hour make-up session. Call it J.R.’s Revenge.

Horning in in Hollywood

She may not be aware of Michael Paré’s clowning, but Nancy Allen has nonetheless fallen for the young heartthrob of Eddie and the Cruisers. In L.A., the couple is starring in a new sci-fi movie, The Philadelphia Experiment. On the set, Allen, 33, and Paré, 25, apparently conducted a little experiment of their own: He split with his wife and moved in with Nancy, whose ex-husband, Brian De Palma, directed her in Carrie and Dressed to Kill.