March 12, 1984 12:00 PM

Air Elvis

That’s not just any airplane making a hard left—a really hard left—onto Memphis’ Elvis Presley Boulevard. It’s the $1 million jet once owned by the late great, complete with $15,000 queen-size bed, quadraphonic stereo and gold-plated bathroom fixtures. Named for daughter Lisa Marie, now 16, the custom-fitted craft (once a Delta passenger jet) rated its own two-band, multidignitary parade when it was towed from Memphis International to a site across from Graceland, where it will open to Presley fans at $3.50 a head May 1.

Paul’s cold shoulder

Fresh from their holiday—and dope bust—in Barbados, Paul and Linda McCartney gave the press an icy reception in Gstaad, where they schussed the chic slopes en famille. Seldom seen in public when not on skis, the former Beatle, 41, hid behind his shades and griped at the paparazzi, protesting that he doesn’t like his four children to see him posing. No word as to whether the kids were stung when dad had his blistering say, say, say.

Follett’s follies

Best-selling author Ken (On Wings of Eagles) Follett, 34, kicked up his heels at a Manhattan masque marking the 10th anniversary of the literary agency called Writers House. Follett (with wife Mary, 37, and daughter Marie-Claire, 10) flew from London to join the 600-odd literati who cavorted as their favorite literary characters. Costumed as the randy sister from Boccaccio’s Decameron, Follett found the cloistered life a drag. Quoth he: “These heels are killing me.”

Goldblum as Kovacs

Although most Ernie Kovacs fans know the late comedian only as an antic genius, Jeff (The Big Chill) Goldblum, 31, will show another side of the TV star in a two-hour ABC movie. Based on his quest to regain custody of the two daughters spirited away by his ex-wife in 1953, Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter will chronicle the comic’s two-year, $50,000 search for his children, whom he reclaimed in 1955. One valuable adviser to the project is Edie Adams, 56, real-life stepmother to the Kovacs kids.

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