August 08, 1983 12:00 PM

Hold that Tiger

For Detroit Tigers’ Manager Sparky Anderson, 49, breaking in a rookie was just a routine part of the job. This time, though, instead of calling the shots at Tiger Stadium, he was in them, and the rookie wasn’t some kid eager to star; he was a star who wasn’t kidding. Taking time out from a hectic American League pennant race, Anderson instructed Roy Scheider, 49, on the finer points of baseball. In Tiger Town, a Disney cable flick, Scheider is cast as an aging rightfielder who becomes a hero to a fatherless boy. Says Sparky, who plays himself onscreen, “Roy showed he was a professional by trying to learn a bit about baseball before undertaking the role.”

Shorn again

Nobody can accuse actor Robert De Niro, 40, of taking his profession lightly. After ballooning up to close to 200 pounds for his 1980 part in Raging Bull, the king of chameleons went incognito during a three-day visit to London with son Raphael, 6 (by wife Diahnne Abbott). While dining at Langan’s Brasserie with buddy Steven Spielberg, De Niro uncovered a GI-style haircut adopted for director Sergio Leone’s latest flick, Once Upon a Time in America, scheduled for Christmas release.

Remembrance of Mom’s Past

Almost everyone of the 1,100 guests who packed the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles for a premiere had already seen the movie—once, twice, maybe three times—but the magic held. True, the story was a bit dated, but the dame was swell and could she sing! For Liza Minnelli, 37, Lorna Luft, 30, and brother Joey, 28, going together to see their mom, Judy Garland, in the just released uncut version of A Star Is Born was nothing short of thrilling. “It was stunning, a dream come true,” gushed Lorna. “It was the only film my mother and father [producer Sid Luft] ever did together.” Joey, a photographer, told it like it was. “I’m really glad to see this film,” said he, “because I was still in my mother’s stomach when it was made.”

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