July 25, 1983 12:00 PM

Tot Rock

Along with his trademark raspy voice and raunchy delivery, Rod Stewart, 38, is pulling out a couple of new props on the European leg of his current world tour: daughter Kimberly, 3, and son Sean, 2. As wife Alana, 34, watched from the wings at London’s Wembley Arena, Stewart bounced the tykes on his knees while belting out four encores to the sellout audience of 9,000. Another stop on the planned seven-month, 17-nation road show was Rome, where Stewart promptly got a stomach disorder and canceled a show. He later dropped out of other Italian dates because of organizational difficulties. His luck wasn’t much better on a visit to St. Peter’s Basilica, where guards took one look at Alana’s ever-so-miniskirt and forbade her to enter. Stewart may have missed the Vatican’s treasures, but he probably found some consolation in Alana’s decor. “I like my woman to look rude,” he once said. “I like her to look tarty.”

It’s a Grander Old Flag

The U.S. swim team finished second to the U.S.S.R. at the World University Games in Edmonton, Alberta, but that didn’t stop some members from getting swelled heads. Kurt Wienants, 20, of Fort Lauderdale (left), and Greg Rhodenbaugh, 21, of Cincinnati demonstrated unparalleled prowess at hooking swim caps over their noses and inflating the caps with air. “It makes the flag bigger,” said a patriotic Rhodenbaugh. Next week: The Big Bang.

To your health

It’s no surprise that Bianca Jagger, 38, stayed in style after divorcing Mick. She still hangs out with all the right people, including Calvin Klein, fashion’s 40-year-old boy wonder. Klein, who had been rumored gravely ill, helped squelch those stories when he and Bianca dined at New York’s Elaine’s. Living well is the best refutation.

Sons and mothers

When Michael Caine threw a Fourth of July bash at his London restaurant, Langan’s Brasserie, the 150 guests included Dynasty’s Joan Collins, 50, and her son by former hubby Anthony Newley, Sacha, 17. “Isn’t he gorgeous?” purred Joan. Yes, and lucky, too. Afterward he and Mom flew off to the Riviera.

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