November 28, 1983 12:00 PM

Peg snares Broadway

Songstress Peggy Lee was drumming up interest in her Broadway stage debut at a rehearsal. The woman best remembered for top-selling oldies like Fever and Mañana will open as the star of her autobiographical musical, Peg, on the Great White Way in December. The show, with its story line written by Peggy, who turned 63 last May, will start with her childhood as Norma Egstrom in the 1920s. When the curtain comes down, Peg promises, audiences won’t be asking, Is That All There Is?

Little drama girl

That’s Diane Keaton with arms akimbo on the set of The Little Drummer Girl near Jericho, Israel. In the film version of John le Carré’s best-selling novel, Keaton plays the slightly ditsy actress Charlie, who is lured by Israeli agents into a counterterrorist scheme. The project has caused something of a stir in Israel because of the somewhat sympathetic portrayal of the Palestine Liberation Organization; thus the set is closed and security is tight. Ironically the PLO members at a training camp with Keaton here are played by Israelis. The Russian Kalashnikov rifles that Keaton is trained to use add a nice authentic touch. La-de-don’t might be more like it.

Learn before you leap.

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Tears of a clown

Barry Manilow may have been crying on the outside, but he hopes to be laughing on the inside—and all the way to the savings and loan. The harlequin makeup is for Barry’s promotion video for the tune Read ‘Em and Weep, written by Meat Loaf’s composer Jim Steinman. The minidrama was shot on location in Barry’s native New York. Read ‘Em is the single included on Barry’s second collection of greatest hits. His first sold more than four million copies. No wonder the tear is painted on.

A royal belt for Prince William
It’s not exactly a throne, but it was touted to be Prince William‘s public debut in a car seat. Naturally, 16-month-old “Wills,” as his father nicknamed him, was buckled up for protection. William was returning with nanny Barbara Barnes to his Kensington Palace nursery in London after a country weekend with mummy Diana and daddy Charles at Highgrove.

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