By People Staff
November 14, 1983 12:00 PM

Barbra & Pierre Redux

The Way We Were should have been playing in the background when Barbra Streisand, 41, showed up in New York with an old beau, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, 64, at a reception thrown in her honor by the United Jewish Appeal. (They dated back in the late ’60s.) Barbra broke with her longtime lover, producer Jon Peters, during the filming of Yentl (which opens this month), but Peters still has a hand in her career and, in fact, helped organize the benefit. Mazel tov, eh!

Prince Edward gets crowned

Not looking too bonny here, England’s Prince Edward had to be carried off the field during a college rugby match. The 19-year-old royal son cracked heads with another player when both dived for the turf to recover a loose ball. The encounter left him dazed and goose-egged. “He wasn’t knocked out,” reported his tutor, Gavin Mackenzie, of the collision, “but he damn nearly was.” Adding disappointment to injury, Edward’s Jesus College team lost to St. John’s, 33 to 6.