By People Staff
September 19, 1983 12:00 PM

Put them all together they spell…

As summer drew to a close, it seemed that everybody and their mothers decided to get together. At the World Film Festival in Montreal, Linn Ullmann (above, right) briefly stole the spotlight from her mother, Liv, who’d come to introduce her new film, The Wild Duck. Linn, 17, the offspring of Ullmann and director Ingmar Bergman, is pursuing a career as a model while she finishes her senior year at the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan. She’s made as much as $2,000 a job. It pays to be a professional child.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, super model Christie Brinkley, 28 (left), and her mother, Marge (yep, that’s really her mom, far left) were all smiles as Christie signed a multimillion-dollar contract to design her own line of sportswear and swimwear. “People are constantly mistaking us for sisters,” says Marge, who confesses to being in her 50s. “But I would rather,” she laughs, “that my friends didn’t know.”

Then, in L.A., actress Lauren Bacall was snapped leaving Chasen’s restaurant with Bogie’s other baby—their daughter, Leslie Bogart, 31. Leslie, who was named after British actor Leslie (Gone With the Wind) Howard, was in town to catch Mom’s performance in Woman of the Year. Leslie seemed to be enjoying the attention more than her mother, relatively speaking.