September 12, 1983 12:00 PM

Let bionic bygones be bygones

Fall Guy Lee Majors’ life seems to be full of surprising women. At the Western Movie Stars awards in L.A., Majors, 43, showed up squiring actress Terry McQueen, 23, daughter of the late Steve McQueen. Professionally, one of his choices to guest star on The Fall Guy this fall was even more surprising: Lindsay Wagner, with whom Majors feuded before she successfully spun off The Bionic Woman from his old hit, The Six Million Dollar Man.

Goal tenor

Fractured egos are the most common ailment among opera stars, but it was a fractured wrist that recently sidelined tenor Placido Domingo, 42. The injury, sustained during a fall while he was filming Carmen in Spain, caused postponement of both the movie and a TV special with Carol Burnett that was to have been taped in September. Surprisingly, it didn’t keep Placido from joining in a charity soccer match in Salzburg, Austria, where he showed the crowd that even his feet could sing.

Guys and molls

Look, sweetheart, it was the kind of party where, if good looks could kill, everyone there might be pushing up daisies. Johnny Dangerously is the flick’s name; hype’s the game. Movie won’t be out till next year, but what’s that to you? The stars—Michael Keaton, Marilu Henner and Joe Piscopo—were dressed as if they planned to have their feet set in concrete, not their names. Movie’s supposed to be a send-up of gangster films, but this gumshoe ain’t laughing. Keaton wouldn’t squeal about the plot. “I’ll take the Fifth,” he sez. You dirty rat.

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