July 29, 1974 12:00 PM

Palming Panovs

Hamming it up at the bar, expatriate Russian dancer Valery Panov, 35, celebrates his arrival in Israel and return to dancing after a two year exile from ballet, including a term in a Soviet prison. Sharing in his high-sprited hijinks is Jeannette Ordman (center), director of Tel Aviv’s Bat-Dor Dance Company, and Valery’s wife and co-dancer Galina, whose hectic departure from Russia cost her a miscarriage last spring.

Zooey about Liz

Uncaged by her recent divorce from Richard Burton, Liz Taylor popped up unexpectedly in the Monaco zoo. At her side, dutifully shooing away pesky reporters, was Henry Wynberg, the former used-car dealer from Los Angeles. Liz’s constant companion before the on-again, off-again Burton marriage finally collapsed, Wynberg has gotten over his huff, and is once again playing the role of Liz’s protector. Not that a strong arm is to be despised, but then, Richard used to say it with diamonds.

Hayes and duck spoof

Helen Hayes, who costars with a Volkswagen in the film Herbie Rides Again, abandoned her little bug at the end of a promotional parade of VWs to mug with more familiar movie wildlife in front of Fort Wilderness in Florida’s Walt Disney World. The occasion was a birthday celebration for a superstar nearly as venerable as Miss Hayes. Donald Duck is 40 all this year. The grande dame of the American theater will be 75 in October.

Simon over the hump

Perched skyhigh, Treasury Secretary William Simon made a happy hegira through pyramid country. The next day, at a Cairo conference table, he urged Egyptians to open up their economy to American investors. And then a bomb, ticking away in the columns of New York’s sedate American Banker, threatened to blow Simon right into a little Middle Eastern war of his own. The banking daily quoted Simon as saying: “The Shah [of Iran] is a nut. He wants to be a superpower.” The U.S. Treasury promptly proclaimed the quote “incorrect and out of context,” while Simon contemplated how rough a ride the rest of his two-week tour of the Levant might turn out to be.

Olga in Moscow

An Indian in headdress is just old hat in Moscow. Moscow, Idaho, that is. The real crowd pleaser of the day was the saddlemate, little Olga Korbut, Soviet gymnast supreme, who had sidetripped from an exhibition tour to check out the rodeo with the familiar-sounding name. Her obliging escort was a full blooded Nez Perce who calls himself Jessie Redheart. But Olga, now back in Russia, evidently had left her heart in Red Square.

Egyptian yummy

It looked a little as if a flustered baker had accidentally plopped the traditional figurines right into the wedding cake. But the fantasia was only a fanciful backdrop for the wedding picture of Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat’s 17-year-old daughter, Noha, to Hassan Sayed Marei, 23, a lecturer in economics at Cairo’s American University. Guests at the wedding included a sextet of flower children and a contingent of veterans from the October War.

A new Nugent

And Samuel clove unto his espoused Rebekah, who brought forth Lyndon the Loquacious (in a rude Texas cottage), who in his time wed Lady Bird, who begat Lynda and then Luci, who here proudly displays her grandmother’s namesake, Rebekah Johnson Nugent, all of six sleepy days old. Luci, 27 this month, posed with her third born as she left Seton Hospital in Austin, where Papa Pat Nugent works for the lucrative Johnson family TV station.

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