By People Staff
February 14, 1983 12:00 PM

Going with the flow

After the all-night tempest smashed a glass fence, filled her swimming pool with refuse, and flooded her living room, Dyan Cannon—and her Malibu home—looked washed-up and worn-out. But Dyan claims she made it through the long night in better shape than her yard. “For the first few minutes,” she reports, “cool, calm Dyan was totally hysterical. But soon I was playing music and popping popcorn to feed the firemen.”

The late, late show

When red-hot Tina Turner, 43, visits Manhattan, even the lights of Broadway look dull. She ended a 15-day, eight-city tour there with a series of 1 a.m. concerts at the Ritz. On opening night rockers Keith Richards (left) and David Bowie surprised longtime friend Tina backstage with a hug and a nip of the old J.D. But Tina’s own spirits were far from bottled up. She joined her famous fans in Keith’s hotel room, where the trio jammed till dawn.

Critics’ choices

Between them, Meryl Streep and Ben Kingsley have already copped 10 awards for their performances in Sophie’s Choice and Gandhi, respectively. After the New York film critics hailed Streep as 1982’s best actress to Kingsley’s best actor, the trophy-case chase was tied at five apiece. But Meryl appeared to be pointing toward the final showdown: April 11th’s Academy Awards.