February 07, 1983 12:00 PM

Not the real thing

When Royal Ballet dancer Derek Deane accompanied Princess Margaret to see Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing, Fleet Street editors couldn’t resist asking if the play’s title applied to Meg and the dancer. Princess Margaret, 52, met Deane, 29, at a Venice charity ball last year. But she will be spending her winter holiday in Mustique with London publisher Norman Lonsdale, 55, just as she has for the past three years. Deane, who resembles Margaret’s lover of the 1950s, Group Captain Peter Townsend, labels the rumors of a dalliance “absolute nonsense.” Says he, “People can be friends without romance.”

Five-finger exercise

Only one thing bothered Mick Jagger about his role in an upcoming Showtime adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Nightingale. After his transformation from crown prince of rock to emperor of China, he couldn’t maneuver the regal fingernails. Though one served him well enough as a toothpick, Mick’s nails got out of hand during a banquet scene. “Chopsticks!” cried Jagger. “I’d be better off spearing the food with my fingernails!”

Val gal’s pal

Like, Moon Zappa, 15, totally hugged brother Dweezil, 13, at the American Music Awards party in L.A. Not too cool. Now she even sings this song with his band called My Mother Is a Space Cadet. But is Mom soooo zeeked-out? “She’s not,” says Moon, “but she goes through her stages like everyone else.” Fer sure, Moon, fer sure.

Mary’s mission

Before launching a European tour later this month with fellow folksingers Peter and Paul, Mary Travers joined 17 other Americans (including M*A*S*H’s Mike Farrell) on a fact-finding mission to El Salvador to assess that country’s current stance on human rights. Travers, 46, admitted that being a U.S. taxpayer was her main credential for going along. The trip was an experience too for daughter Erika, 23 (upper right). “When I was her age there were important causes and great men,” said Mary. “Now there aren’t so many great men, but there are still important causes like this one.”

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