May 16, 1983 12:00 PM

Loving linguine as time goes by

Taking his role as family provider seriously, Sonny Bono, 48, has turned the West Hollywood restaurant that bears his name into an Italian success story—and he’s taking care of his own in the process. His daughter, Chastity, 14, loves the squid antipasto, while ex-wife Cher, 36, who drops by a couple of times a week, opts for pasta. Sonny even keeps the welcome mat out for former mother-in-law Georgia Holt (far left). The place has been filled most nights since it opened last February. Majordomo Bono, who says the secret lies in “a lot of family recipes,” is very visible. “It’s like Rick’s Café in Casablanca to me,” he says. “Every night I drive to the restaurant, I visualize myself as Humphrey Bogart, and I see my friends.” Here’s looking at you, squid.

Fat City

If patrons of the fashionable Ma Maison restaurant in Los Angeles had seen Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, they would have stampeded the exits when a familiar 800-pound figure rolled up. Launching a search for the nation’s costliest meal, the corpulent critic Monsieur Creosote, whose twin brother’s appetite blew him memorably out of existence in the flick, scanned the menu and predicted a $15,000 tab. “My brother ended up giving his all in his search for the perfect meal, and I intend to carry on the family tradition,” said Creosote, who bears a suspicious facial resemblance to L.A. actor Steve Price (Python Terry Jones played the movie role). “For us, this has provided the meaning of life.”

Momma holds a Tune

None of the 1,200 guests who frolicked at Manhattan’s Tavern on the Green during the opening night party for My One and Only, starring Tommy Tune and Twiggy, seemed disappointed with the evening. If they were, they kept quiet. The adaptation of the 1927 classic Funny Face was fraught with woes, financial and otherwise, but opened to mixed reviews. Nonplussed by the fuss was Tommy’s mom, Eva, who said she wasn’t nearly as exotic as her 6’6″, tap-dancing son: “Me, I’m just plain vanilla.”

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