August 30, 1982 12:00 PM

Björn takes the cake

The new Swedish chef at George Martin’s restaurant in Manhattan is known for his excellent service. “How do you like it, darling? I made it myself,” Björn Borg, 26, said proudly as he presented wife Mariana, 25, with a cake at a party celebrating their second wedding anniversary. Some 40 guests, including Tanya Tucker and Andy Warhol, agreed the betoqued tennis star is a Bjorn baker.

Partygirl Drew

Hollywood parties can be so exhausting, especially when you’re the center of attention. Such appeared to be the sentiments of E.T.’s endearing Drew Barrymore, 7, who nevertheless upstaged her manager, Larry Thompson, and 250 stars at Thompson’s 38th-birthday party at L.A.’s chic Ma Maison. By the end of the dinner Drew appeared ready for her final-bow, though she rallied in time to help the birthday boy blow out the candles on his chocolate-marble cake. Her next birthday isn’t until February, but Drew got this advice from another otherworldly star, the ever cheerful William (Star Trek II) Shatner: “Don’t look behind you. There’s always someone younger gaining on you.”

A-M struts her stuff

It was Ann-Margret Night at Atlanta’s Limelight Entertainment Complex, and the guest of honor didn’t disappoint more than 3,000 partygoers. Surrounded by bodyguards and assisted by her choreographer, Lester Wilson, the sultry star gave paparazzi a peek at some revealing disco steps in a shower of confetti. Earlier in the evening she wowed a sold-out crowd at the city’s Civic Center with a Vegas-style act on the fourth stop of her five-city tour.

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