By People Staff
Updated December 06, 1982 12:00 PM

Liza’s Treat

It looks like Liza Minnelli showed up just for laughs at Treat (Prince of the City) Williams’ off-Broadway play, Some Men Need Help. But actually she joined the audience between her European and U.S. concert tours because her husband, Mark Gero, co-produced Treat’s show. Since Anthony Quinn (far right) took in the show on the same night, there were as many stars in the audience as onstage in the two-man play, which co-stars Philip Bosco. But Treat was democratic. “I like it when anyone comes to the show,” he said, “stars or not.”

Diane’s overexposed

Diane Keaton likes to snap pictures so much she’s reportedly working on a new photography book. But she shudders to find herself on the other side of the lens. Either that or she was taking a sudden interest in masonry when she was spotted exiting an International Center of Photography exhibit in New York. Keaton, 36, was squired by fellow camera buff Daniel Wolf, 27, who owns a lucrative photo gallery. He couldn’t shield her, however, and neither could her old frizzy locks, which have been cropped closer than an artsy print.

Britt’s Cat

The only thing harder than keeping up with musical trends may be keeping up with Britt Ekland’s musical boyfriends. Early on, of course, there was rocker Rod Stewart. Then came Roger Earl of the bluesy foursome Foghat. Then came pop singer Phil Lewis. Arriving in New York from London recently, Britt, 40, was cheek-by-whisker with drummer Jim McDonnell, 21, of the rockabilly Stray Cats, whose single Rock This Town is currently the chart’s meow. Asked if she planned a permanent tie with her escort, Britt replied, “That’s a stupid question.”

Ali’s Uncle Sam

Did Ali MacGraw drive 55 miles outside L.A. just to give director Sam Peckinpah a hug? Yup. Peckinpah was on location filming Robert Ludlum’s suspense thriller The Osterman Weekend when Ali (who starred in Sam’s The Getaway and Convoy) and her current beau, Mickey Raphael, a harmonica player with Willie Nelson’s band, dropped in. Though Peckinpah failed to cast her in his current flick, he returned MacGraw’s flattery. Adding two characters to the script, he named one Steve, after Getaway co-star McQueen, Ali’s ex-husband who died two years ago, and the other after Ali herself.

Rock but no roll

Linda Ronstadt wasn’t just pedaling her hot album, Get Closer, during a concert at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. Afterward she and her backup band decided to get some mileage out of a bicycle-built-for-10 on display for the hall’s 50th-anniversary celebration. “If we pedal fast enough, it will move,” chirped Linda, 36, but her postconcert adrenaline must have proved lacking. The bolted-down bike, originally ridden in the 1964 Rockettes revue The Good Old Days, went nowhere, fast.