November 29, 1982 12:00 PM

Bebopping Brooke

Check it out, turkeys. Behind that Grease-era bubble is 17-year-old Brooke Shields at a sock hop benefit at Manhattan’s Xenon disco for the National Council on Alcoholism. What’s more, the high school senior hit three other dos in a 13-day span: gatherings for Ronald McDonald Houses, the American Lung Association and the 90th birthday of Art Deco artist Erté. When does she do homework?

Courtroom courtship

Some witnesses would do anything to sway a judge. But Valerie (One Day at a Time) Bertinelli, 22, clearly has nothing to hide. Or so it appears in this scene from the CBS movie I Was a Mail-Order Bride, airing next month. Actually, Bertinelli’s quite decent exposure is just the fantasy of a lawyer, portrayed by Ted (Soap) Wass, 30, who sues her for libel though he’s in love with her. Valerie’s own worries had more to do with the 20 pounds she shed to play the role than with losing her on-screen case. “When it came to getting in that tight bathing suit,” she admitted, “I was scared to death.”

Robin’s rascals

Robin Williams may have thought the plot line of Mork & Mindy was out of this world, but that was before this week’s scheduled appearance on NBC’s late-night comedy show SCTV. Joining Marty Short (left) and John Candy, Williams, 31, does a skit that is said to combine elements of The Bowery Boys, The Boys in the Band and The Deer Hunter. According to his co-stars, Williams’ first appearance (apart from talk shows) on TV since Mork spun off into space was up to his usual zany standards. Indeed, reports Short: “The performances between takes were remarkable as well.”

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