November 01, 1982 12:00 PM

Barbra’s mane event

Back from overseeing her upcoming film, Yentl, in London, Barbra Streisand, 40, attended the Broadway hit “Nine.” On the way there, Barbra used her pre-Raphaelite locks to hide from paparazzi. But not so for her live-in producer, Jon Peters, 37. A few nights later he appeared with Barbra (but without his longtime beard) at Manhattan’s chic Upper East Side eatery Elaine’s. Obviously his loss was hair gain.

The height report

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 35, has drawn some tough assignments in the NBA, but they aren’t in the same league with his TV sitcom debut. Appearing as a substitute teacher on a segment of NBC’s Diff’rent Strokes airing next week, Abdul-Jabbar was at first given short shrift by 3’11¾” star Gary Coleman, 14, but the 7’2″ basketball player measured up after all.

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