February 01, 1982 12:00 PM

Jerry’s golf Tip

Little-known Ed Fiori, 28, won the recent Bob Hope Desert Classic in Palm Springs, Calif. Yet the real crowd-pleasers were Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill and former President Gerald Ford, who were teamed with host Hope and pro Tom Watson. Hope kidded O’Neill, an 18-handicapper, after he missed a few gimme putts, but O’Neill got his own back when Bob drove a golf cart over a gallery rope. Quipped Tip, “Did you get your driving lessons from Texaco?”

Tanya the Temptress

“A little leg, please,” cajoled a photographer, and Tanya Tucker smilingly obliged at an L.A. brunch honoring the 100th segment of the syndicated variety show Entertainment Tonight. Flanking Tanya’s flanks were the sisters Landers, Audrey (right), J.R.’s erstwhile mistress on Dallas, and Judy, late of B.J. and the Bear and now co-starring with Sis in a new feature film called Sweethearts. It wasn’t so long ago that Tanya and ex-sweetheart Glen Campbell were planning a Valentine’s Day wedding, but everybody goes through Changes, which is the name of Tucker’s upcoming album.

Patti dissents

Her father wants to carry a big stick, but that didn’t deter First Daughter Patti Davis (far left) from signing on with the nuclear disarmament movement at a recent L.A. rally. She was joined by (from left) Robert Culp, Lou Grant’s Robert Walden and Linda Kelsey, WKRP’s Jan Smithers and M*A*S*H’s Mike Farrell outside the home of producer Bud (All in the Family) Yorkin. The petition is aimed at giving California voters a chance to register opposition to nuclear weaponry in November. If Davis, 29, was upset by her recent breakup with actor Peter Strauss, she was all smiles when Midge Costanza, a former Jimmy Carter assistant, asked, “Why don’t you slip a note to your father telling him what we’re discussing here?”

Strange bedfellows

“I’m in bed with one of Hollywood’s hottest lovers,” drawled singer Mickey Gilley (left). It’s not known whether Gilley was referring to Kenny Rogers (whose wife, Marianne, gave birth to their first child, Christopher Cody, before Christmas) or country compatriot Johnny Lee (who’s no longer Lookin’ for Love since he became engaged to Dallas’ Charlene Tilton in November). But the undercover scene at the Denver Hilton was mainly for Rogers’ benefit, marking the first anniversary of his line of Western wear.

Diana’s helping hand

Britain’s renowned actor-dancer Sir Robert Helpmann is still giving his leading ladies a lift at 72. So when Diana Rigg, 43, struck an Egyptian pose while rehearsing a musical version of Colette (bowing in Seattle in February and on Broadway this summer), co-star Helpmann was quick to assist. “I’m thrilled to work with Diana,” says Sir Robert, whose choreography and acting credits include 1948’s The Red Shoes. Rigg is similarly thrilled about her Broadway musical debut, and fans of the feline Emma Peel on TV’s late great The Avengers feel likewise.

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