By People Staff
May 31, 1982 12:00 PM


Who says you can’t get good help anymore? Her royal charge is not due for another six weeks, but Barbara Barnes, 39, Charles and Diana’s newly appointed nanny, is ready for the job. Her references, after all, are impeccable. “She’s been a super nanny to us—we love her,” enthuses one of her current responsibilities, Amy (left), 11, daughter of Lady Anne and the Hon. Colin Tennant. Amy’s identical twin, May, adds, “We shall be sad when she leaves us, but we know she will be happy with the Prince and Princess of Wales.” Barbara has been with the Tennants for 14 years. When asked if she would wear the customary starched nanny’s uniform in her new post, Barnes (who will make about $180 a week) exclaimed, “Good grief, no!” Nor does she expect the royal offspring to call her “Miss Barnes.” A simple “Barbara” will suffice.

Cutting up with Liz and Dudley

At the wrap party for Lovesick, observers wondered if perhaps the film’s co-stars, Dudley (Arthur) Moore and Elizabeth (Ragtime) McGovern, were taking the title a little too seriously. “They spent most of the evening necking behind a pillar,” tattles one partygoer, adding yet another rumor that Moore’s romance with actress Susan Anton has cooled. Moore, 47, and McGovern, 20, came up for air long enough to uncork the bubbly and cut the clapper-board cake concocted by Manhattan’s Central Falls restaurant, where the bash was held. No doubt Dudley and Elizabeth were just keeping in character: He plays a Freudian analyst; she’s a young patient he falls for. Sounds like a case of having your cake and eating it too.

Steve and Carl play Rachel’s ward

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (or so insists the title of Steve Martin’s latest movie), but live comics certainly do if the wild and crazy guy’s Bob Mackie ensemble is any indication. Martin was joined by his more conservatively attired co-star Rachel (Sharky’s Machine) Ward and director Carl Reiner at the film’s L.A. premiere. In the wake of the devastating reviews, however, it’s a wonder that Martin could find anything to laugh about.

Loretta barbs Conan

The L.A. opening of Conan the Barbarian brought out the beast in more than 100 animal lovers, including M*A*S*H’s Hot Lips, Loretta Swit. The demonstration, staged by the American Humane Association, protested the alleged use of wires to trip horses in battle scenes. Conan himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, denies the charges. “The animals were usually better treated than the actors,” says the beefy body builder, who did his own stunts and claims he was nearly reduced to chopped sirloin by a hungry vulture and wild dogs.

Leapin’ hairlines!

Without her cotton-candy wig, brunette Aileen Quinn hardly looked like the orphan she immortalizes in Annie. But nasty Miss Hannigan (a/k/a Carol Burnett) still recognized the waif amid a New York press stampede and wouldn’t let her go. Alas, Daddy War-bucks was nowhere in sight. Or was he? When a strange man with dark wavy hair said, “Hi, Aileen,” the 10-year-old moppet looked puzzled, then exclaimed, “Oh, Albert, it’s you!” Her mother, Helen, explains, “Aileen had never seen Albert with hair before.”