By People Staff
April 12, 1982 12:00 PM

Di lends a hand

Her child isn’t due until July 1, but Diana, Princess of Wales is already displaying her maternal instinct. When she and Prince Charles visited a youth center (where the Princess gamely tossed a few darts with the locals) outside Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a throng of 10,000 turned out to greet the royal couple. Among them was a 10-year-old lad named Robert Yorke (below), the son of a local publican. As the Princess approached, Robert suddenly caught his leg in a barricade; within seconds he was nearly trampled by the surging and cheering crowd. But just in the nick of time, he received a helping hand. As he recounts it, “I fell down, and the next thing I knew, Di picked me up. She asked me if I was all right. I said I was.” Pronounced a grateful Robert afterward, “She was smashing, really lovely.”

Leif’s Grecian yearn

Who loves ya, baby? For Nicolette Savalas, 18, stepdaughter of Telly, the answer is teenage heartthrob Leif Garrett, 20. “She’s beautiful, blond, 5’7″ and has the best body I’ve ever seen,” enthuses Leif, who had a firm grip on the situation outside his L.A. home. Nicolette, an Elite agency model, grew up in England (her mother married Savalas in 1974, but they are now divorced.. Nicolette was introduced to Garrett a year ago by friends. They’ve been dating steadily for four months. “We’re very much in love,” says Leif.

Selleck flies with Bess

“This is not at all how someone would expect to see me in Magnum, P.I.,” says TV shamus Tom Selleck, 37, of his movie debut in Brian Hutton’s High Road to China, due out next year. “My hair is shorter. I have a beard I drink and I swear. I love it.” Selleck who passed up Raiders of the Lost Ark because of Magnum, plays a daredevil aviator who comes to the aid of poor little rich girl Bess (The Four Seasons) Armstrong 28 The action promises to rival Raiders-indeed many adventures have already occurred offscreen It was so cold on location in Yugoslavia that tea used to simulate whiskey froze in Selleck’s glass and a windstorm wiped out a town of 100 tents constructed for the film.

Tim and Tatum get the beat

Timothy (Taps) Hutton, 21, and Tatum O’Neal, 18, were among the 600 rich and famous who showed up at the Zoetrope studios in Hollywood to toast the Go-Go’s lead singer, Belinda Carlisle, 23 (left), and her female rock group. The Go-Go’s received platinum and gold records for their first LP, Beauty and the Beat. Does Belinda go-go for Tim? “When she saw him walk in the door,” reports one observer, “she grinned from ear to ear.”