April 05, 1982 12:00 PM

Donny finishes out of the money

Backstage after his Broadway opening in Little Johnny Jones, a revival of the 1904 George M. Cohan musical, Donny Osmond got tattooed with a kiss from Mom and showed brother Jimmy, 19, how to tie one on. Though Donny, 24, received some warm notices as Cohan’s Yankee Doodle Dandy (he played a jockey), he was wearing the wrong colors. The $1.2 million production closed the next night, forcing Donny to give his regards to Broadway sooner than expected.

Susan’s sole music

No, Susan Kendall Newman (Paul’s daughter by first wife Jacqueline Witte) isn’t giving her actor boyfriend, Terry Lester, the boot. She’s just kicking up her heels in her New York apartment after a belated 29th-birthday bash hosted by Dad and stepmom Joanne Woodward. Terry, a/k/a Jack Abbott on The Young and the Restless, celebrated along with Polly Bergen and Robert Altman, who directed Susan in 1978’s The Wedding. Now an Avon beauty consultant, Susan gets a kick from champagne—especially drunk out of the Lalique goblet Terry gave her.

John’s short cut

John F. Kennedy Jr. may have trimmed his unruly locks and donned a suit and tie, but paparazzi were still able to recognize him at the Manhattan disco Xenon. For two and a half hours the Brown University junior danced and drank with his date (identified only as “Sandy,” an uncanny look-alike to sister Caroline). Then a photographer’s flashbulbs touched off a scuffle, and the couple ducked out a back door.

Duffy tames Kate

Though he’s Dallas’ bland Bobby, Patrick Duffy would have done J.R. proud as the tempestuous Petruchio in a Hofstra University (N.Y.) production of The Taming of the Shrew. Duffy, 33, who signed on for a 10-day run, had Kate (Hofstra senior Diane DiMemmo) swooning during dress rehearsal. But love’s labour was temporarily lost when two performances were canceled after the star caught the flu.

Pate takes the plunge

Last June golfer Jerry Pate, 28, marked his Memphis Classic victory by jumping into a lake. Still in the swim of things, Jerry won the Tournament Players Championship on a tough new course designed by Pete Dye in Ponte Vedra, Fla. To celebrate, Pate (center) took another dive, but not before dunking Dye (top) and PGA Commissioner Deane Beman (bottom). “I told Pete Dye I was going to make him famous,” said Pate. “But Deane was a last-minute decision.” A damp Deane gamely called his dip “an appropriate christening” of the new course.

Maverick monkey

In Victor/ Victoria, female impersonator Julie Andrews makes a monkey out of James Garner, a mobster type who fears he’s fallen for a man. But at the film’s premiere at the Los Angeles International Exposition, an organ grinder’s female macaque monkey (and former Baretta guest star) named Boo Boo played it straight with the reborn Bret Maverick, who slipped the simian a low five.

Cannon fodder

Manhattan’s district attorney and police commisioner were in attendance at the New York premiere of Deathtrap, but the toothsome trio of Christopher Reeve, 29, Dyan Cannon, 45, and Michael Caine, 49, still weren’t giving any clues as to who would ultimately kill whom in their murder mystery film. (The proceeds from the premiere and an afterparty at the Hotel Pierre went to the Police Athletic League.) In the movie, Caine plays a failing playwright who’d “kill for a hit.” When a reporter asked Dyan what she’d kill for, the actress unflinchingly confessed: “A hot fudge sundae.”

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