August 03, 1981 12:00 PM

The littlest Serenity

Who’s behind the shapely gams, the face-shielding purse in the limo with Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace? It’s her daughter all right, but not the one whose much-publicized divorce from a playboy husband has been followed by a romance with Roberto Rossellini, 31. In fact, it’s Princess Stephanie, 16, who accompanied her parents to England while sister Caroline cruised off the Riviera with Roberto and friends. Stephanie, who’s in metamorphosis from blue-jeaned adolescence to stylish young womanhood, slipped into something more demure (inset) to accompany Papa, Monaco’s Prince Rainier, to the Henley Royal Regatta, where Grace presented a cup.

Lynn’s house-caller

Actress Lynn Redgrave, 38, is a hardworking mum. Right up until the ninth month of her pregnancy, she was shooting scenes for her TV series, House Calls (you can see her hiding her tummy behind tables and plants in early segments next fall). And she also managed to produce an L.A. play, Thursday’s Girls, which just opened to favorable reviews. Even so, she looked fresh as a daisy the day after giving birth to nine-pound two-ounce Annabel Lucy Clark in L.A. Annabel is the third child of Redgrave and her director husband, John Clark. Should this grandchild of Sir Michael Redgrave—and niece of Vanessa—take up acting, says Clark, “She’ll make the Redgraves the longest-running acting dynasty in English history.”

Happy hubby Hoffman

In-law jokes are just fun to Dustin Hoffman, who visited London with his bride, Lisa, and her grandma, Blanche Salter. Lisa, a 26-year-old look-alike of his first wife, dancer Anne Byrne, got her law degree before marrying the actor last fall. Dustin, 43, had known her since she was the tot next door in L.A. He reportedly baby-sat with her when she was 4.

Ryan’s run

Okay. Richard “Jaws” Kiel, all 7’2″ of him, is at the door. His wife, whose bed is undisturbed because it was more romantic with Ryan O’Neal by the downstairs fireplace, is still there. Poor Ryan can’t pretend to be the plumber because she’s thrown his pants into the fire. So what does he do in So Fine, the directing debut of screenwriter Andrew (Blazing Saddles) Bergman? He hides in the closet, of course.

McGregor pitches

So intent was Donzella Morgan, 12, a spinal curvature victim, on reaching her finish line in the wheelchair relay that she hardly noticed Baltimore southpaw Scott McGregor, 27, on the opposite team, wheeling past. McGregor and eight other strike-idled Orioles were helping dedicate Johns Hopkins Hospital’s $25,000 Children’s Center play deck. Said McGregor: “The kids did us a lot of good.”

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