December 14, 1981 12:00 PM

Allen’s lovely leave

The day he announced he was taking a leave from his job as the President’s National Security Adviser, Richard Allen and wife Pat showed their relief for 6-year-old daughter Kim’s toy camera. For the Allen family, which includes six kids besides Kim, ages 6 to 23, the preceding two weeks had been an ordeal, with reporters staking them out on the lawn, occasionally setting off the house’s burglar alarm and even stopping Kim on the way to school for an interview. Last week Allen was cleared of charges involving a $1,000 cash payment from Japanese journalists for an interview with Nancy Reagan. Though an investigation continued into other gifts he has received from former Japanese business clients, Allen was plainly encouraged. “I took the leave so I could defend myself publicly, as much for my family as anything else,” he said. “I hope to resume my duties.”

Bagman Belushi

That was no briefcase full of blues that John Belushi was carrying out of Manhattan’s Colony Records store the other day. Clothed to match the shopping bag in his hand, he was taking home cassettes of Sam and Dave, the Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols. It was his second shopping spree at the store in five days. On his first visit he bought videocassettes of films like Raging Bull and Arthur. Belushi is apparently planning to stay close to the hearth for the holidays—not a bad idea considering the $800 bill he ran up in home entertainment.

Driving ambition

Former world champion race car driver Niki Lauda, who was disfigured in a near-fatal crash in 1976, is back in the swing of things. To prove his point, he kicked up his heels in a playground near the Surrey, England factory that manufactures McLaren race cars. Lauda, 32, has been flying for his own charter airline in Austria since quitting the Formula I circuit in 1979, but last month he signed a reported $3 million deal with the Marlboro McLaren team. “I want to see if I can climb that mountain again,” says Niki, “and come out on top of the heap.”

Child’s play

“She’s five years younger, one inch taller and lots of fun,” says Julia Child, 69, of her 6’2″ sister, California housewife Dorothy Cousins. She’s also a graduate of Julia’s two-and-a-half-day course at Le Cordon Rouge cooking school in San Rafael, Calif. Julia may have mockingly turned up her nose at her own creation, a sausage-and-sauerkraut dish called choucroute à I’Alsacienne, but she hailed her sibling as “a very good cook and an enthusiastic student.” In return, Dorothy wearily tipped her toque: “If I make all the recipes I learned here, it will take a year.”

Jaded mom

“I’ve grown up,” says Bianca Jagger, 36. “Many of the things I used to do are no longer important to me.” Instead of disco-hopping, the Nicaraguan beauty has been most visible lately in her efforts to publicize the plight of Salvadoran refugees. Jagger is also devoting more time to maternal duties, such as taking daughter Jade, 10, to visit her famous father on Manhattan’s West Side. Bianca hasn’t totally abandoned the high life—she stays in New York’s elegant Carlyle Hotel—but things have clearly changed. “Now when I go to Honduras,” she says, “I sleep on the floor in refugee camps.”

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