October 05, 1981 12:00 PM

Grace’s avenging prints

In Paris to preside over a gala benefiting the American Center and honoring Gene Kelly (which attracted a veritable Franco-American Hall of Fame, from Pierre Cardin and Yves Montand to Raquel Welch and Leslie Caron), Princess Grace reacted to the inevitable battery of long lenses with her own current ploy: whipping out a tiny camera and snapping the snappers. Then she went about her other business, shopping with daughter Stephanie. What Her Serene Highness intends to do with her growing collection of mini-mug shots has yet to develop.

Bacall’s damp 57th

Never let it be said that Lauren Bacall is a wet blanket—even when, still moist from her dousing with a pitcher of water in the last scene of her Broadway smash, Woman of the Year, she was surprised by cast and crew with a champagne bash for her 57th birthday. Bacall and her steady, co-star Harry Guardino, later adjourned the party to the Hotel Algonquin. When singer-pianist Steve Ross, introducing an oldie, referred to the passage of time, the birthday girl moaned, “Ugh!”

He-e-e-re’s the other Johnny!

If Johnny Carson had a witticism for this blooper at the net in the Ninth Annual Cedars-Sinai Celebrity Tennis Tournament for Diabetes Research, it was lost in the roar of the crowd. With a little help from Vitas Gerulaitis, standing in as Carson’s second banana (or, in tennis, would it be the other way around?) in the tourney at the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills, the non-McEnroe John knocked off Carl Reiner and his teammate, 1980’s 46th-ranked Trey Waltke, 7-5, in the one-set finals. Quipped Carson, embracing host Hugh Hefner at tourney’s end: “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.”

Snoopy and Lupe

Apparently well over surgery last spring to correct a deteriorating cervical spine, a slimmed but hale Richard Burton (“I feel much better, thanks”) was out walking his dog Lupe in West Hollywood. When the erstwhile jet-setter, now 55, came upon a passel of press outside Chasen’s restaurant, he inquired, “Are there any celebrities in there?” It turned out the top billing went to President Reagan’s pal, Ambassador to Mexico John Gavin, and Burton resumed his walk.

Love conquers again

With three marriages to his credit, the Beach Boys’ lead singer Mike Love, 40, does his best to live up to his name. On Sept. 17 he did it again, marrying model Cathy Martinez, 30. Deejay Wolfman Jack got himself ordained by the Universal Life Church in time to perform the ceremony, and after a week’s honeymoon in Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. Love were to return to California via—what else?—TV’s real-life Love Boat, the Pacific Princess.

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