March 02, 1981 12:00 PM

Mia & Mr. X

What could be more romantic than a private corner table at Manhattan’s tony La Grenouille? But then why Mia Farrow’s distress? Has her reclusive dinnermate announced that he can’t cover the check? Is he posing as a bashful newlywed? (With April Fool’s Day still weeks off, he “confessed” that he and Mia had secretly wed.) Craftily he has hidden his expression behind the menu. But aha! A true recluse would shy away from tables in corners where one wall is mirrored. Right, Woody Allen?

Benatar’s best shot

Maybe Gerald V. Casale (left) and Mark Mothersbaugh of the robotoid rock quintet Devo thought Pat Benatar’s big single was Hit Me with Your Best Hat. In any case, when they met the singer at an L.A. recording session, they crowned her with one of their trademark flowerpot hats. Despite the added stature, Pat, 28, who is just five feet tall, promptly doffed it. They could have proffered worse: The band prances around clad in suits of gray paper, singing, “I been stuck with static cling.”

Buck’s new craft

On the tube he flits about the 25th century as Buck Rogers, but in real life the fastest thing that Gil Gerard, 38, had flown was a commercial jetliner—first-class. But then came the invitation from a select group of fans, the pilots of the Navy’s precision flying team, the Blue Angels, to “co-pilot” an A-4 Skyhawk during a rehearsal for an air show at the Point Mugu, Calif. Naval Air Base. Back on earth Gerard reported his lust for stardom was dimmed by a desire “to run off with the Blue Angels.”

Bevy of bards

No, Erica Jong was not reading dirty stories to her friends. She and seven chums were innocently klatching before doing their bit for the Manhattan Theater Club’s “Writers in Performance” series. To celebrate the 10th year of the popular literary evenings, the women (from left, first row: Gail Godwin, Jong, Honor Moore; standing: Janet Sternburg, Ingrid Bengis, Nancy Milford, Mary Gordon and Janet Burroway) read their own essays from Sternburg’s anthology, The Writer on Her Work. Jong recited her retort to a critic who said women authors suffered from not being able to handle “blood and guts,” then read a chapter from her best-selling Fanny, in which her heroine bloodily gives birth. Poet-dramatist Moore selected a piece about her grandmother, who quit painting because of the conflict between work and womanhood. Their angst fully spoken, Jong & Co. moved on to the succors of a champagne-and-disco reception.

Rex and Tatum

While appearing in The Pirates of Penzance opposite Linda Ronstadt, rocker Rex Smith, 25, has been spending five evenings a week in the Victorian era of Gilbert and Sullivan. How does he snap himself back to the present? Very easily—and most happily, of late—by necking (here at the Underground, a Manhattan disco) with a pretty young actress whom he met through Griffin O’Neal. She’s Griff’s sister Tatum, 17—who is nine years younger than Rex’s estranged wife, Playboy Bunny Lois Smith.

Heloise ties a knot

In a match remarkably apropos, syndicated household hints columnist Heloise married a Mr. Fixit, longtime boyfriend David Evans, 32, a plumbing contractor. The ingenious Heloise, 29, whose real name is Ponce Kiah Marchelle Heloise Cruse, cut costs on the San Antonio church wedding by borrowing her gown and renting tuxedos for the bridesmaids because “special-occasion dresses can’t be worn again.” And at the burger-club reception, she righted her listing wedding cake by propping it with a calla lily stem.

Fisher’s catch

Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds buried their differences over his upcoming autobiography for a happy occasion, the marriage of their record producer son Todd, 22, to Donna Freberg, 23, daughter of satirist/comic Stan Freberg. The ceremony was at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church, with friends like Debby Boone and Rosemary Clooney on hand. Todd’s older sister, Carrie, was the matchmaker, but wedding day she was in bed, star-warring with the flu.

Student princess

It was a love story to give heart to Cinderellas everywhere: Prince Henri of Luxembourg, 25, took as his bride Maria Teresa Mestre, 24, the daughter of a Cuban banker who emigrated when Fulgencio Batista fell. Henri’s dad, the Grand Duke, wasn’t thrilled at first about Maria, who met Henri at Geneva University. But fears abated at news her folks are richer than his. Wedding guests included Grace of Monaco, who presumably hopes Maria will work out better than her former commoner in-law, M. Junot.

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