May 11, 1981 12:00 PM

A Redford rally

Only a galvanizing cause and organization like CAN (Consumer Action Now) could drag Today show co-anchor Jane Pauley and cartoonist husband Garry (Doonesbury) Trudeau into the public eye and black tie. But the CAN president is Lola Redford, and she also got husband Robert to show. The nonprofit organization seeks to educate ordinary people about the ecological impact of their buying habits.

L.A.-Monaco fandango

Seldom-seen Loretta Young, 68, and often-seen Zsa Zsa Gabor, 62, shared more than a laugh when they turned out to honor Monaco’s Princess Grace, 51, at a $250-a-ticket “Gala Evening in Monaco” at L.A.’s Beverly Hilton. The throng of 1,000 at the dinner-ball-auction benefit for North Hollywood’s Dubnoff Center for children with learning disabilities (such as dyslexia) included Lydia and Charlton Heston, newlyweds Cary Grant, 77, and Barbara Harris, 30ish, Marianne and Kenny Rogers and Barbara and Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes gave the princess a commemorative gold medallion inscribed with her name. Loretta and Zsa Zsa settled for gold-plated copies.

Viva Quinn

At 66, lust for life burns as hot as ever in Anthony Quinn. The Mexican-Irish portrayer of all kinds of ethnic screen heroes exhorted guests at his Manhattan birthday party to “eat, drink and have a good time, because later we’re all going to take off our clothes and dance.” Strip he didn’t, but dance he did, Zorba-style, with a cabaret singer, Mercedes. He also gamboled with Irene Papas, co-star of his just-released Lion of the Desert, and with buddy Harry Belafonte. Cracked a celebrant: “Quinn danced with everybody except his wife.”

Chris’ sweet 16

They met on a Ford agency modeling job. She invited him to her sweet-16 party last July; he asked her to the Golden Globe Awards in January. “We’re really good friends,” she says. And Lori (Edge of Night) Loughlin and Chris (Blue Lagoon) Atkins, 20, did look close at a New York fete for the reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Later Chris cooked steak and pasta for the Loughlin clan on Long Island. Lori pronounced the meal—and Chris too—”a 10, definitely.”

Basie’s pal Paul

Count Basie and his band, blasting out One O’Clock Jump, had everybody stomping at the Savoy, the new nightclub off Times Square. For Paul Simon (and for girlfriend Carrie Fisher and her father, Eddie), being invited backstage by the Count was an honor which turned into a mutual-admiration session between the 76-year-old jazz giant and pop’s trickiest pony. When Simon, 39, asked Basie how long he plans to keep up the beat, the Count replied: “Until the end, like Duke Ellington and Satchmo.”

Ravi strings along Zubin

“For many years,” confessed Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar, “I have been dreaming of playing with the maestro from Bombay.” On the other hand, the maestro, Shankar’s friend Zubin Mehta, conductor of the New York Philharmonic, said, “I have never believed Indian music can be played by a Western symphony orchestra.” The impasse was overcome when, after working with a musician who translated the sitar’s sounds to Western notation, Shankar premiered his Second Sitar Concerto in Manhattan under Mehta.

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