May 04, 1981 12:00 PM

Bells for Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli, who on One Day at a Time plays the dating game, became a young married on April 11—12 days before her 21st birthday. In a traditional ceremony at St. Paul the Apostle in Westwood, Calif., Val wed platinum-encrusted rocker Eddie Van Halen, 24, whom she met last August at a concert of the Van Halen band. Among the 400 guests at the reception in the Grayhall mansion in Beverly Hills were Norman Lear and Val’s co-stars Bonnie Franklin and Pat Harrington (Mackenzie Phillips was invited but didn’t come). Val’s white beaded gown was something she saw in Bride’s magazine; mother Nancy helped design the five-flavored wedding cake. Says the bride, “I want to have a family, but not in the near future.” One day at a time.

Tillie tells a riddle

Grace Paley, 58, left her antinuke demonstrations and Sarah Lawrence teaching chores to introduce fellow short-story writer Tillie Olsen, 68, at Manhattan’s 92nd Street Y. Tillie was reading, in full, her wrenching novella Tell Me a Riddle, now adapted into a movie starring Melvyn Douglas and Lila Kedrova. In the story a wife’s mortal illness prompts an elderly couple to examine and reaffirm their lives. Noted Paley of the power of her friend’s spoken word: “People were just open-mouthed about it.”

Benji the Bubblehead

Last seen (by a select few) as Chevy Chase’s reincarnation in Oh Heavenly Dog, Benji, 5, re-emerges as a canine Jacques Cousteau in ABC’s upcoming Benji (Takes a Dive) at Marineland. Cast as a pooch who scubas, Benji plunged boldly into the project in a bubble helmet and gear that took more than five months and $10,000 to develop. After many weeks of diving lessons, he could stay under for four and a half minutes. “He was never afraid,” said his director, Joe Camp. “He was curious about the other divers—and the fish.”

Vitas in the net

At a party outside Paris, tennis playboy Vitas Gerulaitis and a companion, would-be actress Eve Corrigan, found themselves all strung up. Artist Yves Corbassière, whose work has hung in Manhattan’s Guggenheim, hit them with a demonstration of his “Tagada” technique, in which he spray-squirts plastic “costumes” on (usually) delight ed victims. The net effect on Vitas—who had just picked up an award for elegance from French fashion designers—seemed unlikely to unstring Pierre Cardin.

Take that, J.R.

“These are the two favorite men in my life,” announced Mary Crosby, a/k/a Kristin Shepard of Dallas. Does that mean J.R.’s jilted girl is getting even by taking up with other men? Actually, the pair who bussed the 21-year-old Mary at a New York rehearsal for the Grammy Hall of Fame show were songwriter hubby Eb Lottimer, 29, and actor brother Harry, 22. On the CBS special this month, Mary joins Andy Gibb and Bob Hope in a salute to her father. “It was great to be a part of a well-deserved tribute,” exulted Bing’s baby.

Cross sails on

Make a smash record titled Sailing and you find yourself at a lot of promo parties on yachts. So quadruple Grammy Award winner Christopher Cross, 30, wound up on the Cherokee III, moored at Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles. The 90-footer is being outfitted to double as a recording studio, but it was the nautical console that attracted (from left) lubbers Cross, singer Nicolette Larson and Burt Bacharach’s lyricist collaborator, Hal David, who were shown the ropes by skipper Paul Schneider.

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