August 25, 1980 12:00 PM

Another O’Neal

In his movie debut in The Escape Artist, Griffin O’Neal, 15, plays a fatherless runaway who becomes a precocious magician. To keep him company, sister Tatum, 16, joined Griff on location in Cleveland. The younger O’Neal, who plays five musical instruments, had to learn new tricks for his role, including picking locks and shucking handcuffs. Tatum was clearly bewitched by his just-learned juggling.

Edward and the prince of wails

During Cowes Week, Britain’s great annual yachting regatta, Princes Edward and Charles tried a new tack, abandoning their racing vessels to windsurf. On sailboards, they maneuvered through the chill, choppy waters off the Isle of Wight. Charles, who managed to make it across Osborne Bay, yelled over the waves to his brother what sounded like a heraldic motto: “You’ll have to persevere.” But Edward (below), who’s a scholarly 16-year-old, was dunked with disheartening regularity and quit after half an hour.

Benson at bat

Could Robby Benson be celebrating his bat mitzvah? Of course not—that’s for girls. Robby, resplendent in payess, the earlocks worn by some Orthodox Jewish males, was just shooting The Chosen, based on the Chaim Potok novel, in Brooklyn. He is cast as the son of a Hasidic rabbi whose friendship with another ballplayer leads him to question his spartan upbringing. Jock Benson (who scored big as a basketball star in One on One) needed no special training in baseball, but for the Hebrew and Yiddish it took plenty of skull sessions.

Bacall’s boy

At 55, Lauren Bacall won’t stand still. After finishing The Fan, a film in which she sings and prances, she’s prepping for a Broadway musical, Woman of the Year, based on the 1942 Katharine Hepburn-Spencer Tracy movie. Even off duty, she’s been on the go—especially when son Sam Robards, 18, asked for a dance at a Manhattan party. A sophomore next semester at Sarah Lawrence, Robards broke into showbiz as a production assistant on The Fan and now says he too will tread the boards.

Hutton in Dixie

Idled (from director David Steinberg’s Paternity) by the actors’ strike, Lauren Hutton made a sentimental journey to Oxford, Miss. There, in Cedar Oaks, the antebellum hospitality house of William Faulkner’s (and her father’s) hometown, she served as a hostess at the 90th-birthday party of her grandma, Mrs. Lillie Hutton, and attended a 1935 high school class reunion. That’s not the 36-year-old Revlon model’s own class but her dad’s—he died when she was 12.

Keach-y coo

Four-month-old Joshua Cody Collins didn’t cry uncle when kissed by Stacy Keach at the Twinkle, Twinkle, “Killer” Kane New York premiere party. The child just looked baffled, which is understandable. Josh is the nephew of Stacy’s brother James and might have been Stacy’s own nephew. You see, Josh’s pop, Denver Collins (brother of James’ wife, Holly), is also the brother of folk singer Judy Collins, Stacy’s flame eight years ago. So if Stacy and Judy had wed…

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