By People Staff
July 28, 1980 12:00 PM

Rocky takes a dive

It’s okay, though, because in this case Sylvester Stallone’s game is soccer, not boxing. In Escape to Victory, now being shot in Budapest, Sly plays the goalie of a World War II POW team that meets an all-star squad of guards in a swastika-draped stadium in occupied Paris. Sly exhibited Rocky-like drive and stamina in the game sequences, and he says he is prepared to do the same to repair his on-again, off-again marriage to Sasha. His affair with Goldengirl Susan Anton, the actor admits, was “the biggest mistake of my life.” So Sash was invited along to Hungary. Like Rocky, however, there’s the possibility of a sequel. Said an intimate: “Nothing is forever.”

L’Esprit de Chagall

At 93, Marc Chagall has become enthralled with another style of art. When his 27-year-old grandson, Piet Meyer, returned home with tales of his ethnological research in Upper Volta, the painter was inspired to suggest that the Chagall National Museum in Nice mount an exhibit of African masks and sculpture titled “Esprits et Dieux d’Afrique.” Chagall appeared at the opening arm in arm with his wife, Valentine, and Piet. His interest in the spirits and gods of the Dark Continent is not surprising. Religious subjects have been a lifelong fascination, and he is currently completing stained-glass windows for the cathedral in Mainz, Germany.

Nessman hams it up

WKRP’s nebbishy newscaster Les Nessman is obsessed with keeping listeners posted on hog futures. So Richard Sanders, who plays the role, was happy as the proverbial pig in mud when during a visit to radio station CJCH in Halifax, Nova Scotia he was offered a guest shot as a gag “hog commentator.” While he was on the air protesting high pork prices, a pet porker, C.J., was turned loose in the studio. C.J.’s squealing drowned out the rest of the market report, but the gentle Sanders resisted calling the perpetrator a swine.

Ryan eyes Farrah

Before heading to Florida to make her stage debut in Butterflies Are Free at Burt Reynolds’ Jupiter Theater, a pigtailed Farrah Fawcett took a two-week Cuernavaca break to visit with Ryan O’Neal on location in Mexico. His gem-smuggling film is titled Green Ice, but the real jewel he’s apparently cached is Farrah. The couple, who holed up at the romantic Las Hadas resort, are said to be close to marriage. Ryan took pains in a recent interview to point out that his ever-watchful daughter Tatum likes Fawcett, “which means a lot. She’s hardly ever liked the women in my life.”

Shoe’s got a winner

“Who in the hell would think I’d wind up marrying her?” exclaimed 4’11” Willie Shoemaker in 1978 when he took a towering third wife, Cindy Barnes. He’d known the 27-year-old real estate saleswoman for ages. Now, at 48, the world’s winningest jockey has become a father for the first time (he has two adopted children from a previous marriage). As he headed to the starting gate at Hollywood Park for the fifth race on June 22, the news came over the PA system—Cindy had just given birth to Amanda Elisabeth, 9 lbs. 10 oz. That’s 7 lbs. 13 oz. more than Willie weighed in at, back in 1931.