By People Staff
November 17, 1980 12:00 PM

The Ford Escort

The big attraction at the opening of the Detroit Institute of Arts exhibit “The Romantics to Rodin” was not the 17 tons of sculpture but newly married Henry Ford, 63, and his bride, Kathleen DuRoss, 40. The couple wed in Carson City, Nev. on October 14 (a date reportedly recommended by her astrologer). After being mobbed by friends at the party, the honeymooners flew off to the south of Spain, where Henry planned to shoot partridge. The Fords will live in Grosse Pointe in a scaled-down model of the Georgian mansion Henry once shared with his former wife Cristina.

Rooney & Rose Marie

Mickey Rooney, 60, was not practicing Indian Love Call for a remake of the 1936 Nelson Eddy-Jeanette MacDonald flick Rose Marie. But the possibility is no more farfetched than the plot of Odyssey of the Pacific, which Rooney has been shooting in Montreal between performances of Sugar Babies on Broadway. It’s the story of a Cambodian refugee child who spends a summer in the Canadian countryside and discovers a seemingly abandoned locomotive and its retired engineer, Rooney. The boy is a dreamer (he imagines Mick is a Mountie), and the old engineer helps fix up the train for a fantasy trip to the Far East. Great for kids, but most adults would rather hear Rooney warble, “When I’m calling you, oo oo oo, oo oo oo…”

The King of Kings

On his 20th birthday, Reza Cyrus Pahlavi joined the world’s most exclusive unemployment line. In Cairo, the eldest son of Iran’s late ruler proclaimed himself the new King of Kings, Light of the Aryans. “We must unite in love, equality and common purpose,” said the Williams College dropout. But unless Iran’s revolutionary government hands over the Peacock Throne, the new Shah will be merely one of two dozen royal pretenders in exile.

Chamberlain’s belle

At the final fadeout after five epochal nights on NBC, Richard Chamberlain had achieved samuraidom, buried his Japanese love and started building the vessel that would carry him from the realm of the shogun. Because the actor, 45, wanted to “get back to playing a leading man of this century,” he is currently filming Bells, in Toronto with Canadian screen beauty Sarah Botsford. It’s a thriller about a college professor whose students are being killed off by lethal electric charges through telephones. Murder by no-gun, you might say.

Tug’s change-up

Now that he’s helped pitch the Philadelphia Phillies to their first-ever World Series title, how does bullpen ace Tug McGraw, 36, spell relief in the offseason? How about L-A-S V-E-G-A-S, where the lefty dropped in to pick up some television appearance booty? Or how about P-l-A Z-A-D-O-R-A, the Dubonnet blonde who is headlining the revue at the Riviera Hotel? If her batting grip looks suspect, Pia’s career prospects don’t. At 25, she’s married to financial wheeler-dealer Meshulam Riklis, 56, whose properties include—you got it—the Riviera Hotel.

Lend me your ear, Leif Garrett

The blond singer bending the ear of teen idol Leif Garrett is Wendy O. Williams, the lead performer of a New York-based “shock rock” group, the Plasmatics. She and Mohawk-coiffed guitarist Richie Stotts met up with Leif backstage after a B-52s gig at the Greek Theatre in L.A. and invited him to catch their local debut at the Whiskey. Williams, known as W.O.W., is an ex-porn actress who comes onstage in revealing duds and climaxes her show by sawing an electric guitar in half and chopping up a television set. After catching that act, a stunned Garrett raved: “You guys are great.”