By People Staff
Updated October 20, 1980 12:00 PM

Amy meets the Green Goblin

No, the Carters weren’t celebrating Halloween early. Amy and her mom were enjoying a White House lawn party to kick off the Department of Energy’s new Captain America Youth Energy Conservation Program. Comic book creatures—Green Goblin, the Incredible Hulk, Spider Woman, Spider Man and Captain America himself (far right)—roamed the grounds, reminding kids to keep doors closed, switch off TV sets after use and turn out their lights at night. Whether kids will heed the lesson remains to be seen. But for one 13-year-old, Amy Carter, it certainly seemed to brighten the day.

Ricky takes a bow

Child star Ricky (The Champ) Schroder, 10, is aces at pulling audience’s heartstrings—but bowstrings? Indeed, between takes of his newest heart-warmer, a TV remake of Little Lord Fauntleroy, Ricky tried his hand at archery around the grounds of Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. No less an authority than co-star Sir Alec Guinness found the little actor “extraordinary.” The feeling was mutual. “I liked Sir Alec,” quoth Ricky, “because he was in my two favorite movies, Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.”

A froggy do

TV’s Erik (CHiPs) Estrada seemed as jumpy as his eight-pound partner before a frog-jumping contest taped for a Mike Douglas show in New Orleans. When Erik set the critter down at the start, it hopped off toward the bushes and never found the finish line. But Erik’s other problems, including his legal battles with estranged wife Joyce, kept him firmly earthbound.

Ramblin’ Rose

When Rose Kennedy was admitted to a Boston hospital last month for minor surgery to alleviate intestinal blockage, son Ted, flying in from Washington, said grimly, “She is 90, and any operation is a matter of concern to those who love her.” Happily, the indomitable matriarch was soon in “satisfactory” post-op condition and Ted wheeled her home to Hyannis Port. “She was lots of fun,” said a nurse afterward. “But she knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it.”

Goldie’s maneuvers

At an L.A. bash for her new film, Private Benjamin (for which she was executive producer), Goldie Hawn, 34, saluted co-star Armand Assante with hugs and cries of “you’re terrific.” Assante, 31, once Dyan Cannon’s squeeze, is rated an up-and-coming movieland sex symbol. But there’s no talk of an Assante-Hawn romance. He’s busy with TV offers. Goldie, whose newest baby, Kate Garry, is 18 months old, is said to be still shaken by the breakup of her four-year marriage to singer Bill Hudson.

Ingrid breaks away

Now that everyone from Sophia to Shelley has fashioned her life into a best-seller, Ingrid Bergman, 65, is taking her turn. True to form, she’s promoting Ingrid Bergman: My Story with tasteful radio and TV appearances rather than grandstand book-signing circuses, such as Bette Midler’s last summer. To get in shape for the U.S. tour, Ingrid took to the streets of London for some cycling. Here’s looking at you, Ingrid.