April 14, 1980 12:00 PM

Odd couplings

To boost its ratings, ABC rounded up an all-over-the-dial cast for an upcoming Movie of the Week: from left, Martin (Archie Bunker’s Place) Balsam, Polaroid’s Mariette Hartley, comic Arte Johnson, Jan (WKRP) Smithers, Larry (CHIPs) Wilcox, Loretta (M*A*S*H) swit and Larry (The Last Resort) Breeding. But not relying on all that talent, scriptwriters went to work to assure that there would be something for everyone in the TV audience. The story, titled Love Tapes, is about a Los Angeles dating service that features video cassettes of its clients acting out their fantasies. Tune in next month to find out if Henry the Eighth writes mash notes to Supermom or if Zorro gallops off with Good Queen Bess.

Susan’s in the pink

Susan Richardson is still expecting on pretaped episodes of Eight Is Enough, but in real life she delivered Sara Jeanette Richardson on February 27. The child will bear her mother’s surname, but any sons that the 26-year-old actress and her photographer husband, Michael Virden, have will bear his. Susan’s already prepping young Ms. Richardson for her screen debut—on the premiere show next season. At three weeks, she went before cameras in Walnut, Calif., where her mother was competing on a Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes—in the relay yet.

Gilda is sock-o

Could that be Lisa Loopner doing the watusi? It wasn’t a Saturday Night Live shtik at all but a sock hop Gilda Radner was hostessing at a Greenwich Village gym following a screening of the movie version of her stage show, Gilda Live. Inspired by her teenage memories and the film’s closing bit, Gilda, 33, provided paper streamers, junk food, spiked punch, Ricky Nelson discs—and told guests, “I want you to go through all the pain and pleasure of these dances.” She then took to the floor with guitarist G.E. Smith, who’s played with Hall & Oates and Gilda’s Candy Slice Band. Radner is said (as the expression goes) to have a sneaker for him.

The Connors clan

Marriage hasn’t mellowed Jimmy Connors. In February he interrupted a match in Maryland to leap into the stands and punch out a teenager trying to kiss his wife, Patti. Moving on to Vienna with her and their son, Brett Davis, 8 months, Jimbo stormed when he lost an exhibition to Stan Smith. One newspaper sniffed, “The only exhibition Connors gave was one of bad temper and bad manners.”

V.P. at the Baths

The Village People—from left, David Hodo, Ray Simpson, Randy Jones, Felipe Rose, Alex Briley and Glenn Hughes—hopped into an L.A. whirlpool with Valerie Perrine to shoot a sequence for their debut film, Can’t Stop the Music. The movie ostensibly traces the rise of the disco six from the time they got their feet wet in showbiz. In the pool scene Perrine, who’s cast as their mentor, leads them into a campy water ballet, which is nearly as splashy as a Busby Berkeley number. Except that old Busby never went on location (as below) at a YMCA.

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