October 29, 1979 12:00 PM

Estrada chips in for Shirley Jones

CHiPs star Erik Estrada was sufficiently recovered from his August motorcycle crackup to escort not one but two handsome women to a tribute to Shirley Jones at the Beverly Hills Hotel. With mother Carmen on one arm and CHiPs stuntwoman Mary Peters on the other, Estrada joined some 300 celebs to honor Jones for helping raise $4 million for the National Leukemia Broadcast Council. Telegrams were read from Rosalynn Carter, Ted Kennedy, Jerry Brown and the Henry Kissingers. Host Bob Hope observed, “To know her is to love her,” and there was only one faintly discouraging word. “She’s a wonderful woman,” declared husband Marty In-gels, “but she doesn’t squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom.”

Graves: Portrait of the poet as an old man

Robert Graves makes his home now on Majorca, the island he first visited a half century ago and fled during the Spanish Civil War. His essays, memoirs (Good-bye to All That) and poetry are probably underappreciated by today’s young, but this new portrait of the artist at 84 reflects the wry worldliness of the man most popular currently for the novels that inspired the TV series I, Claudius.

A Bayh-partisan party

Honoring the posthumous publication of his wife’s autobiography, Marvella: A Personal Journey, Sen. Birch Bayh and co-author Mary Lynn Kotz greeted Sen. Strom Thurmond and his wife, Nancy. Among some 400 other Washington notables attending were Joan Mondale, Teddy Kennedy (for five minutes) and Averell Harriman, all of them touched by Marvella’s portrayal of playing the political wife and by her courageous struggle against cancer. Said Bayh afterward: “I was apprehensive about the party, but it was a good time—a joyful occasion celebrating a person’s life.”

Jagger gathers moss

In Paris to record the 27th Rolling Stone album, Mick Jagger caught the Jamaican reggae flick Rockers and partied with record producer pal Chris Black-well. Yes, Mick’s the one in the cruel shoes and luxuriant beard. To deter public recognition, Jagger began cultivating it when the boys first hit the studio last summer. And, in more ways than one, it isn’t just 5 o’clock shadow—Mick starts recording at midnight and often works through ’til 2 p.m.

A Deneuve break

The New York Film Festival is artsier than Cannes, but occasionally a practical thought or two must be exchanged. Certainly American tenderfoot Dennis (Breaking Away) Christopher would have worlds to learn from Catherine Deneuve. Like should he stoop to TV commercials? Or have liaisons on the set? The latest wisdom from Deneuve: “It is a lonely profession no matter how many people you have surrounding you.”

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