By People Staff
October 15, 1979 12:00 PM

Garo holds steady

Veteran placekicker Garo Yepremian, 35, was axed by the Miami Dolphins to make room for a rookie, but was redeemed by the New Orleans Saints, for whom he boosted his NFL record from 16 straight field goals to 18. Proving he holds no grudge against kids, the Cyprus-born ex-tie manufacturer plans to start a training camp next summer for kickers 8 to 18. An early apprentice is Garo Jr., 5. “At that age you let them develop their own style,” says Pop. “He just watches me on TV and does exactly what I do.” Pow!

Cheryl rides herd

On her jaunts to Africa to shoot TV specials, model Cheryl Tiegs not only deepened her affection for her new boyfriend, photographer Peter Beard, but also developed an enduring concern for African wildlife. So at a surprise 32nd birthday party for her in New York, the cake was adorned not only with a firestorm of candles but elephants as well. It turns out that Tiegs and Beard are raising funds to help launch a new conservation program which they call Move an Elephant (it will relocate pachyderms threatened with slaughter). Cheryl’s cake, says Beard, was just a “trial model” for more spectacular fireworks planned to dramatize their cause. One is a fundraiser concert next month headlined by rock super group Fleetwood Mac.

Linda tests a new wave

Linda Ronstadt keeps her public image as close-cropped as her new punkish hairstyle these days. But she stepped into the limelight recently to sing, along with Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris, at a Parton concert in L.A. Afterward, she split to catch a late show of the New Wave musical group, the B-52s, at the Roxy. Her date for the eve was Brett Hudson, one of the singing Hudson Brothers. His companionship doesn’t mean Ronstadt has shuffled off Gov. Jerry Brown though. He is still a frequent guest at her Malibu pad, where they look better than ever on the beach: The guv has just lost 15 pounds on an apples and bananas diet.

Leif swings a new way

Better known for his dreamy voice and heavy-lidded look than for his brawn, lean teen idol Leif Garrett, 17, is now beefing up his biceps. He has just signed to play featherweight champ Danny “Little Red” Lopez in a 1980 TV movie. To get into the role, Leif watched the redheaded Californian defend his title at the L.A. Sports Arena—and then sparred with Lopez in his dressing room. Garrett, who has begun working out with Little Red at a local gym, has no leading lady for the film yet. But at the fight he chatted with part-time boxing manager Ryan O’Neal—who, it happens, has a daughter who could be a knockout in the part.

Sara Jane fasts

Appearances notwithstanding, Sara Jane Moore, 49, is on a hunger strike. The woman who shot at Gerald Ford in 1975 is fasting to protest her stretch in “solitary” at the federal women’s prison in Alderson, W.Va. An official says there’s no such thing as solitary in federal pens—that Sara may have been “segregated.” In any case, she hadn’t eaten in six weeks, so she was moved to the better-equipped federal prison in Lexington, Ky., where a medical team can feed her intravenously if necessary. So far, says a spokesman, Sara has been “talkative, but no problem.”

Ali knows what she wants

Two serious faces in the mostly wild crowd at Studio 54’s gala reopening bash (the club closed six days for renovation) were Ali MacGraw, 40, and Peter Weller. The Texas-born actor, 33, plays Ali’s young writer-husband in Warner Brothers’ Just Tell Me What You Want (due in February), and it seems that he is indeed what Ali wants. The two, who have been dating since the movie wrapped last April, were tight as nails the whole night, eschewing 54’s new bridge over the dance floor to tryst quietly in the deejays’ booth. Talk that they will wed by Christmas is nonsense though, insists a pal of Ali: “It’s a good relationship, but I’ll be surprised if she ever gets married again.”