September 10, 1979 12:00 PM

Rocky’s reward

The rugged beard and clenched fist aside, Sylvester Stallone was hardly feeling mean as he emerged from Cedars-Sinai Hospital following surgery on the shoulder he injured training for Rocky II. Sly promised the sawbones that he’d knock off for six or eight weeks at his Malibu home, but he won’t be lonely. His current Goldengirl, Susan Anton, has canceled some club gigs and rescheduled her Muriel cigar commercial shootings to stand by her stallion.

Bobby’s bye-bye

Though it rained on the Bobby Orr parade in Oshawa, Ont., where he first played junior hockey, a crowd of 500 came out to greet the 31-year-old legend who retired last season because of knee problems. Among the fans were five local teenagers born on Dec. 5, 1964—the day Orr scored his first goal for the Oshawa Generals. As part of the hoopla, Bobby joined other sports heavies like New York Ranger Phil Esposito for a round of golf with Oshawa citizens, who paid $75 each just to play. Proceeds went not to the well fixed honoree—who will become a spokesman for Standard Brands—but appropriately to the new Bobby Orr Sports Therapy Clinic in Toronto.

Valerie’s Village pal

That was Randy Jones, the Village Person usually seen in cowboy garb, hugging and mugging with Valerie Perine in Greenwich Village. But Randy is not Valerie’s new Macho Man, just her co-star in the backstage fantasy movie that traces the heroic rise of the Village People. Allan Carr is producing the $12 million musical, and Nancy (Rhoda’s mom) Walker is directing. The title of the disco opus? Can’t Stop the Music.

Lord Mountbatten’s last voyage

He was born to the purple, the great-grandson of Queen Victoria, cousin of Queen Elizabeth and half the royalty of Europe, and he grew up a national hero in Britain. As a naval officer in World War II, he survived the sinking of his destroyer during the Battle of Crete to become Supreme Allied Commander for Southeast Asia. There he turned back the Japanese invaders of the subcontinent. He was Britain’s last Viceroy of India, but his most satisfying command came in 1955, when Winston Churchill appointed him First Sea Lord, an office his father had been forced to resign in World War I because of his German ancestry.

Last week Earl Mountbatten of Burma, 79, died as he had lived, at sea, when a bomb planted by the Irish Republican Army exploded aboard his fishing boat in Donegal Bay.

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