July 02, 1979 12:00 PM

The ice-Borg melts

Before settling down for Wimbledon this week, defending champ Björn Borg took a night off for a little R&R (spelled T&A) at that Paris tourist trap, the Lido. Though chaperoned by his Rumanian fiancée, Mariana Simionescu, Borg, 23, was so knocked out by the leggy Bluebell girls that he asked to meet them behind the curtain. While he looked a mite less self-possessed than he does on center court, Björn obviously loved it—so much so that he and Mariana returned to their table and stayed for the second show.

Jackie vs. Galbraith

Jackie Onassis looked up to Harvard economist Kenneth Galbraith, a guest at a recent Manhattan fund raiser she co-hosted for the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at Radcliffe. But Jackie, whose glowing good looks belie the fact she turns 50 July 28, was not taking too seriously his speech about how “women are being treated as people” at Harvard. Said Ms. Onassis, whose daughter Caroline just completed her junior year there: “When Harvard men say they have graduated from Radcliffe, then we’ve made it.”

Foster meets Busey

After her fling with Disney flicks, Jodie (Taxi Driver) Foster, 16, is back being precocious: In Carny she plays a bored waitress who joins a carnival and winds up working on the midway. Her nemesis is Gary Busey, the carnival bozo who sits in a cage while people hurl balls at a target triggered to drop him into a tub of water. He cons Jodie into believing he can read her mind. In real life, though, she’s more savvy. Between takes on location in Savannah, Ga., Jodie, a student at L.A.’s Lycée Français, is cramming for her baccalaureate exams—so she can go on to college.

Stapleton confesses

Actress Maureen Stapleton, 54, claims she never looked great in a bathing suit, but back in the ’40s—when she was an aspiring Broadway bud—her zaftig figure was in demand by artists. She posed for Reginald Marsh, who used her skimpily clad figure in his burlesque series. So at the opening of the Whitney Museum’s current Marsh exhibit she arrived with an eye out for her own contours. Not finding them, Maureen relaxed and enjoyed the show, including this self-portrait.

Phillips plays Tierney

The Man with Bogart’s Face is a movie about this guy who has cosmetic surgery to look like Humphrey Bogart. When Michelle Phillips learned the producers were seeking a Gene Tierney lookalike for the female lead, she made her move. “Some years ago I met Oleg Cassini [Tierney’s ex-husband], and he said I looked like Gene,” reports Michelle. But to complement nature, she admits: “I trimmed my hair, put in a warm brown rinse and got my falsies out.” Phillips won the part.

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