February 19, 1979 12:00 PM

Oh, the O’Neals again

Ryan, 37, and Tatum O’Neal, 15, have had little to dance about lately. His Oliver’s Story and her International Velvet were disappointments. But Dad and daughter kept their chins up at an L.A. party at Orlando Orsini’s. Apparently they aren’t listening to anyone who bears bad news. The good tidings are that Tatum should win Brownie points playing a camper in her next movie, Little Darling. And Ryan, who portrays a pug with Barbra Streisand in his corner, should be a box-office winner in The Main Event.

Jerry Brown’s brunch

No one questions anymore whether romancing Linda Ronstadt, 32, will hinder the political career of Gov. Jerry Brown: A survey shows California voters couldn’t care less. But has the guv actually popped Proposition 1 to the singer? Whatever, Brown, 32, continues to dog her footsteps. The duo recently set off for a Sunday brunch in L.A.’s Beverly Glen canyon with a balloon, carnation, and Linda’s Akita, Sarah, in hand only to find the restaurant shuttered. Perhaps Linda wailed poor, poor, pitiful me, because the chef soon had things cookin’.

The boys of Summer

You gotta believe disco queen Donna Summer, 30, loves to love you, baby, if your name is Bruce Sudano. She’s making her 30-year-old live-in (right) and his Flatbush buddies Joe “Bean” Esposito and Eddie Hokenson her opening act during a 16-week spring concert tour. The guys are part of a pop-rock group called Brooklyn Dreams, which has already cut two albums and has the current hit single Heaven Knows, featuring Summer’s vocal. Shrugs Sudano, “Donna made me fall in love with her. It was the spider and the fly.”

Mama Mia

After eight years of domesticity and six children (three adopted), Mia Farrow, 34, and André Previn, 49, have split. Don’t blame Andre. Mia has fallen for Sven Nykvist, 56, the celebrated cinematographer of Ingmar Bergman movies whom she met while filming Hurricane in Bora Bora. Farrow filed for a quick Dominican Republic divorce, but the judge stalled to consider the welfare of the children. Mia’s last work with Nykvist was to narrate in English a short titled I Love Children, Except Boys. But when they’re grown, that’s a different matter.

A Kennedy weds

At 26 he was three years younger than his bride, Boston Irish and unemployed. But, to judge from the hundreds of gawkers outside St. John Baptist Vianney Roman Catholic Church in Gladwyne, Pa., the Philadelphia banker’s daughter was doing all right marrying Joe Kennedy, Ethel’s oldest son. The bride, Sheila Brewster Rauch, was a star student at Harvard, where she took her master’s degree. Joe only eked out a B.A. from U. Mass. The couple will live in a working-class district of Boston, where he is pondering a plunge into politics.

Sagan’s Ohio Oscar

Author Françoise (Bonjour Tristesse) Sagan, 43, has found joy in faraway Ohio. The Film Council of Greater Columbus voted her first film, a 30-minute short called Another Winter, its highest award for “art and culture.” But, instead of picking up the prize, Sagan stayed in Paris for the opening of her latest play, which was booed by critics. “I should have gone to the U.S. to receive flowers,” muttered Sagan, “instead of staying home to receive tomatoes.”

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