By People Staff
August 21, 1978 12:00 PM

Edward’s first shaft

As the third in line to the British throne, Prince Edward, 14, is unlikely ever to wear the crown, but he faces a lifetime of ritual role playing. In fact, the queen’s youngest and shyest son has just had his baptism in public life on the royal family’s Canadian tour. Among the 126 official stops was a 3,300-foot descent into the Cory Potash Mine at Saskatoon, which gave him his first lesson in the strains ahead. While Edward politely wore the gold VIP helmet he was handed, his father, Prince Philip—who’s suffered this business for 30 years—donned the standard white worker’s model. The gold one, snapped Philip, was “hideous.”

Après All, le deluge

As usual, Muhammad AN was going overboard. Visiting New Orleans to promote next month’s title bout there with Leon Spinks, he covered the waterfront aboard a fireboat dubbed The Deluge. Spotting Sam Joffray, 11, the gnatweight son of a port official, Ali hoisted the boy like a sandbag, ready for pitching into Ol’ Man River. But Sam kept a firm if white-knuckled grip on the situation. “I knew the Greatest was just kidding, but I didn’t want to take any chances.”

Eyes on Jon Peters

Though Barbra Streisand sings the theme for Eyes of Laura Mars, the psychic chiller produced by her man, Jon Peters, she was too busy working on their next script to make the New York premiere. As for the film’s star, Faye Dunaway, she played hooky too. Which left Peters pretty much with the limelight to himself, his director Irvin Kershner (left) and Darlanne Fluegel, cast as a murdered model in the movie. Figured Peters: “I’m entitled to one night out.”

Cardin’s last gasp

Shades of Scarlett O’Hara! Could it be the well-dressed woman now needs a servant to help wasp her waist. Not actually, but at his latest Paris haute couture showing, French designer Pierre Cardin wanted to cinch the point that loose floppy clothes are gone with the wind, and body-hugging styles are the new thing. “The small waist brings back what is most feminine,” says Cardin, though he concedes his tight-belted silhouette may leave many females gasping. “But I design for the dynamic woman,” he reasons. “She is usually out of breath anyway, because she is always on the run.”

Alter egos

Directing an NBC movie based on the life of Judy Garland—whom he dated when they were teen stars—Jackie Cooper, 55, cast lookalike Johnny Do-ran, 15, as himself. Why? “He was willing,” says Cooper, “to let his hair be bleached.” Meanwhile, Loretta Lynn, 43, opted for Sissy Spacek, 28, to convert her Coal Miner’s Daughter bio to acetate. “She’s me at 13,” Lynn declared. Reacted Spacek, a farm agent’s daughter who was flattered but confident she could handle it: “We’re both performers, women, from the South, small and outspoken.”