July 24, 1978 12:00 PM

Suzanne’s reveille

Six’s company for Suzanne Somers, and for hubby Alan Hamel’s 38th birthday bash in Monaco she corralled Ringo Starr and girlfriend Nancy Andrews (standing, left) and Paul and Anne Anka (right). TV host Alan seemed all set for a blowout until his wife, who wasn’t just hanging out but was there taping a special with Anka, whispered sweet no-nos in his ear. “Now don’t do anything silly,” chided Suzanne, “…or anything I wouldn’t do,” she implied. A few days later in a Paris hotel room Suzanne roused her spouse at 4:30 a.m. warbling the score of Oklahoma! Hamel, just a man who can’t say no, lay back and probably thought, Oh, what a beautiful mornin’.

Sly is 32

Rocky seemed to be pulling his punches, but he was sparring with a mere creampuff—actually a butter cream cake proffered by Manhattan’s Xenon disco for his 32nd birthday. In his last disco go-round Sly Stallone threatened fisticuffs as photographers caught him with Paradise Alley co-star Joyce Ingalls. This time, reconciled wife Sasha was his dancing partner, and they seemed close as layers on a cake. Soon after, Sly headed back to training camp in Philly, where he will pound out Rocky II.

Where’s Charlie?

Charles Manson, 44, is apparently still helter-skelter after all these years. He was amused to learn that former Family follower Leslie Van Houten, 28, was headed back to jail. (She’d been out on bail working as a legal secretary while awaiting the outcome of a new trial.) Everyone will recognize Leslie, chortles Charlie, because she wears a “snitch jacket”—a con term for stoolies. But Manson claims he’s passed the word that there be no retribution. “She did what all women do,” he proclaims. Probably, though, Leslie will not adapt to her life sentence as easily as Manson. “Wherever I am is freedom to me,” he says, “because I am free within my soul.”

Captain Godfrey

Air waves are hardly new to Arthur Godfrey, who keeps on flying in the face of age—74, to be exact. He hoped to celebrate the diamond jubilee of powered flight leading a squadron of 75 antique planes around Manhattan. But foul weather prevented the takeoff of his 1942 Tiger-Moth. Come October, though, he’ll climb back into the cockpit to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Newark Airport—hopefully taking care not to buzz the control tower at nearby Teterboro, N.J., a prank which got him grounded for six months in 1954.

Nasty finds his grip

Tempestuous Rumanian tennis star Ilie Nastase, 32, has always made an outsize racket—if not so monstrous as the one he toted in London to hype a line of sporting goods. Just about then the Men’s International Professional Tennis Council smote Nasty with a $5,000 fine and three months’ suspension for a “pattern of aggravated behavior.” The ban will sideline him from the Grand Prix circuit but not other tourneys or World Team Tennis. Nasty surprisingly accepted it without protest and promised a “fresh start,” which presumably means speaking softly and carrying a big racket.

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