April 16, 2014 12:00 PM

• What’s the best part of spring break? The song! That big rap or club song of the moment. Probably the most famous would be “Baby Got Back.” Going to the clubs was so much fun, my wife, Caroline, and I would have to wring our clothes out we danced so much.

• Your most regrettable spring break moment? Probably back in high school. I funneled a little too much beer, and it hurt coming back up!

• Your spring break beverage of choice? Miller Lite – tried and true! I’ll have a little Sex on the Beach here and there or a Hurricane and all that, but I like the simple stuff.

• Must-have item to pack? Ibuprofen. You’ll be all right without sunscreen; just don’t forget the ibuprofen.

• The worst thing someone can do on spring break? For guys it’s using cheesy pickup lines. For girls it’s probably the wet T-shirt contest – and falling for cheesy pickup lines.

• Your most embarrassing spring break moment? Probably the time that Caroline and I got the flu and were about to die. I had to go to the grocery store in the middle of the night to get us some Campbell’s soup while everyone was partying. We just lay there sweating with fever, trying to survive until we could at least get well enough to drive home. I think that trip is probably why we’re still together today.

• Any bad bathing-suit moments (please say a Speedo!)? Never. Never ever. Hideous. A Speedo reveals too much and some things are just better kept a secret. I don’t even think I ever had bathing suits; I just put on, like, khaki shorts and a belt.

• Will you ever be too old for spring break? What better way to stay young than continuing to go to spring break? But I’ll hang up my gloves at some point. You definitely won’t see me doing spring break shows at 60.

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